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I never said you should "go along with all of the BS on this site".

You don't seem to realize there is a difference between directly rebutting something in a discussion and making vast derogatory generalizations based on subjective criteria. The former is fine, the latter is not.

For example:

Ah well, haven't you been following the sub-forum's long-held philosophy?
The idea that this sub has a "philosophy" is an arbitrary characterization. It is subjective and false. Let's call this "X" It could accurately be classified as misinformation. Rebutting X, as I'm doing here is fine. Saying "J.E. is wrong about X" is fine. Going around ecomodder and writing "J.E. is delusional and spreading misinformation" basd on X, is not. Call that accusation "Y" Why is it not OK? It's not civil. It's defamation. It's against the forum rules. That's why. No amount of you being wrong about X justifies me saying Y.

Some light hearted sarcastic ribbing:


1. You have refused to change your mind.

2. You have not read my link.

3. You have not responded to all of my points as you have previously demanded of others. Pot, kettle, etc.

See how this is all circular and pointless?

Rebut all you want but please avoid mean spirited snark, over generalizations, put downs and personal vendettas. None of us has evidence that anything Aero has posted was done in bad faith. Suggesting as much is just as wrong as unsupported claims. It's not like he or anyone else here has a monopoly on being wrong. (...or right)

As far as I can tell, Aerohead uses "the template" as a general guide and he has said as much. He did not design the program that automatically applies it to cars. Posting examples of incorrectly applying "the template" using that program is not proof that it's "false". It's not a theory. It's a guideline based on an "ideal shape". Not the only ideal shape but a practical one for beginners to use as a basic tool. AFAIK it was never meant to be a "theory" or the only way to apply aerodynamics in the way that you characterize it.

Now you're not even quoting me correctly - pot, kettle, black. I said: "Ecomodder has been described to me as 'being like a cult' - and there are certainly some similarities!". And I stand by that.
I apologize. You are obviously not implying Ecomodder is a cult.

Lastly, what's the worst that could happen here with supposed bad aero advice on this forum? Someone gets slightly worse MPG? Oh god. Please save us.

Anyway, Love your work. Your online etiquette? Not so much.

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