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Scooters for fun first.

I bought the two Auranthetics this spring to have fun first of all and save gas and emissions as a bonus. They cost me abut $300 each (my Daytons cost more) plus a $100 motor to replace a burnt one.

They are actually Taiwanese mini bikes which were imported without motors and converted by the Auranthetic Corp in Caly between 72 and 79. 1hp series wound industrial motors and 2 12V deep cycles give them about 25mph for about 35 miles.

The older bike's motor I replaced with 2 hp for double the fun. The torque curve on these motors is almost linear and silent. You have to experience an electric drive to appreciate the superiority over combustion.

I had been wanting a M/C for the street for a few years, actually ever since a friend of mine showed up at my shop to weld back on his shift lever on his BSA. I had an XR80 when I was a kid and drove the thing all year in our farm fields but then fell in love with hot-rodded beetles as a teen. I did a ground-up resto on my moms old orange bug and dropped a 2 litre dual carbed 135hp vw screamer in it. Lowered, lightened and with a fibreglass flip front end it still got 35mpg and I could take a 5Liter mustang in the 1/4 mile. But I digress. Anyway, I sold it and missed it every day after that so when I found the electric bikes I was in 7th heaven.

One day I'll do an mpg equivalent for the garage. Needless to say because we have mostly hydro power here in BC It'll be only a cost comparison. My emissions are mostly the hydrogen from battery charging. With a little more $$$ one could charge totally solar.

OK enough horn tooting. Pick one up if you can, they are better than the import electrics.

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