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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
You originally said electromagnetic spectrum.
And no sun x-rays, solar ions, deep space particles have not been factored in to clumsy failed climate models.
1) Solar physicists continuously monitor the entire electromagnetic spectrum:
* absolute radiometry
* ephemereal active regions
* faculae/ moats/ plage fields
* infrared luminosity
* magnetohydrodynamics
* visible luminosity
* ultraviolet luminosity
* radio activity
* X-ray flux
* Gamma-ray flux
* Heliospheric magnetic field flux
* neutrinos
* photospheric latitudinal rotation
* plasma
* sunspots
* Alfve'n waves
* Parker spirals
* solar wind
* whistler-type waves
* I've read of 60- terrestrial atoms which exist as un-bounded atomic nuclei, electrons, and protons in the Sun's plasma, solar wind, flares, and CMEs.
* Most intersteller/ intergalactic particles ( cosmic 'rays' ) are stopped dead, 100- Astronomical Units from the Sun, at the Heliopause. Neutral particles are immune, and stream right into the solar system. Neutrinos blow right through us.
* The cosmic 'rays' which get to us, react in the upper atmosphere, while down below ( at 8-miles ), we experience mainly secondary particles created up in the thermosphere ( 350-405-miles up )
From the literature, I'm given to understand that, climate, general circulation models, are primarily concerned with visible and ultraviolet light.
Visible light, albedo, and the 'parasol-effect' go hand in hand as far as directly-reflected radiation to space.
Ultraviolet radiation, once it 'touches' Earth, is converted to long-wave, infrared radiation, which cannot escape though greenhouse gases and back into space. The greenhouse effect.
Other branches of solar physics concern themselves with space weather: Carrington events, planet sterilizing flares, and Coronal Mass Ejections, etc..
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