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Got to do a little work on the car today.

I removed that lifting strap that got "built-in" when I wrestled the engine in. Unfortunately, it was easiest just to cut it out.

The Vacuum system for the power brakes wasn't working right. I tracked it down to the thin hose that runs to the vac gauge. I wired up the vac pump so that it runs when you press the brake.

After doing a test run, I think I can say this is a good system. Just getting started powers up the vacuum and I don't think I ever saw it drop below 10 on the guage while braking.

I rigged up the forklift throttle in place of the hand potentiometer, so the car runs with the original gas and brake pedals now.

I also re-installed the ammeter and a large 0-100V voltmeter on the dash.

The car is much more "car-like" now that the power brakes turn on and off automatically, and it runs with the gas pedal.

I also finally rigged up the main contactor to run off the keyswitch, so I can't try to drive it without unlocking the steering any more!!!
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