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I work for one of the larger companies working on alternatives ( i am NOT with big oil - but we are one of the other big players).

We are selling wind turbines like crazy - many are not the 1000's of unit wind farms but the 20 - 30 unit farms.

For the Reliability comment - there are places in this country where the WIND ALMOST ALWAYS blows - you need to remember these are 100's of feet in the air - on ground level you have trees / buildings that break up the airflow - but at a few hundred feet in certain areas - you have flow as pretty near to all the time as you can have.

I think the comment about how to network into the grid is a good point - you CAN throttle back the units to scale the amount of power produced ( or even make the blades stop altogether) so it is not so much a BASE LOAD all the time operation -- but we SHOULD be thinking of them as a NUKE - you get it started and you keep it running - let the Nat Gas fired turbine plants come up during peak periods as needed.

Solar has some technology issues yet - making the cells more efficient and less costly. But as we get there - i think you will see almost EVERY HOUSE with solar cell roofing shingles to collect what ever power it can collect - maybe it is alot - maybe it is alittle - but it will be SOMETHING to offset fossil fuel comsumption.

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