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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Assuming it's turning at the same speed as when driven by the engine, it'll use the same amount of fuel regardless of hooking it up to a wheel or a turbine (which won't work - it would require a really big swept area). There's no free lunch.

The wheel-driven idea would cause it to be under-driven at low speeds, so battery voltage may drop and you may save fuel at those times, but the load on the alternator will be higher as the RPM increases and it puts the lost energy back into the battery, so fuel consumption will go up. I can't see any real savings from that approach.

Also worth emphasizing again: discharging a starting battery will dramatically shorten its life. Going alternator-less may be an effective efficiency mod, but it's definitely not a money saving mod unless you have a source of free or cheap batteries.

I’m late to arrive to this discussion. & I’m not ultimately looking for 40-60 mpg.
..but a motorhome...Ford V10- F53. Currently getting 8 55mph. I have replaced a dysfunctional house gas generator with 690ah 12 vdc(6x 6vdc deep cycle batteries), 400watts PV solar, & charge control. When camping “off-grid”, the chassis/starting battery can be disconnected or be charged(by the sun) from the house system. If I’m not beating up the system, & we're not in a cave, its all charged up by noon.
Having read this forum, It seems that a cleverly automated or manual switch on the alternator power lead(off up hill&level-on downhill) could be a fuel saver…. 10% would bring this up to- wow -almost 9 mpg.
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