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Maybe a DX, LX, or EX, but car-part doesn't even show an engine for my HX in Arizona. It only shows 2 in all of the U.S., one for $750 in Modesto with 127,000 miles.

I could visit my grandparents' grave.

Is a 2002 Civic closer to a 2000 base Civic, or a 1999 Accord?

Car-part asked if I had EGR. I don't think so, but how can I tell?

Well, according to Darcane, only the 2001-2002 Civics with VTEC and the 2003+ Civics had EGR, which is curious, because I have cleaned out the EGR in my 2000 Civic twice!

Unfortunately, CappAttack's Civic was totaled 3 weeks later, a month and a half after he bought the car!
2002 civic LX coupe: missing electrical connector for EGR valve

I had previously looked on LKQ for a 2002 Civic engine. The cheapest one they have for my car has 158,000 miles and they would charge $1,500 shipped!

I couldn't search for 2000 Civic engines. When I put in 2000 Civic it showed Engine Compartment, but not engines.

LKQ on eBay will ship me a 2002 Civic engine with 80,000 miles for $860.

I forget where I saw $1,300 engine and transmission combinations. I probably searched importers' sites.

Searching eBay just shows engines, not a single transmission when I queried "engine and transmission 2002 Honda Civic LX Coupe 2-Door 1.7L."

Car-part shows a 2001 Civic for $700, but it doesn't give any other information.

It seems that the sedan and coupe engines aren't interchangeable and I see far more sedan engines.

The only engines car-part shows that specify fitment are for sedans.

A & G Auto Wrecking has a 2002 Accord engine with unspecified miles for $400. They say "Hot and ready, free local delivery."

Orozco Auto Parts has a 2000 engine with 70,000 miles for $600.

JG Auto Wrecking has a 1998 engine. It looks like it has 218,000 miles for $300.

I had wanted to stop at 3, but All Japanese Auto Parts LLC has a 1998 engine, which came in running with 176,000 miles for $450.

Ran when parked is better than the alternative!

Perhaps Honda builds better engines than transmissions. I found 40 engines for my Accord, but only 8 transmissions!

Some of those are LKQ.

A&G has a 1998 transmission for $400 and A&S has a 1999 transmission with 165,000 miles for $475.

So, in theory, I could drive a Uhaul down, and have an engine and transmission from different cars delivered for $800.

In theory I could have them deliver to a parking lot 20 miles away, but let's say I drive right there. Uhaul won't give me details without giving my credit card information. I logged in. They should have it on file.

They charge $20 plus 69 per mile. It is 187 miles from Uhaul, so it would cost $278 before all taxes and fees.

$1,100 for an engine and transmission that may not be better than mine.

Would any of you guys take the risk?
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