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Efficient alignment

I could use some opinions on alignment numbers.

I haven't taken the MX-5 in for an alignment yet. It tracks straight, but it's a fair bet that the previous owner had a fairly aggressive, perhaps even autocross-oriented alignment on the car, based on how much front camber there is.

Factory specs, per wheel:

Caster: 5.5 to 7.5
Camber: -1.7 to 0.3
Toe: -1/16" to 1/8" (ideally 1/32" toe in)

Camber: -2.7 to -0.7
Toe: -1/32" to 5/32" (ideally 1/32" toe in)

Flyin' Miata recommends the following for aggressively driven street cars:

Caster: 8.0
Camber: -1.8
Toe in: 1/32" per side

Camber: -1.8
Toe in: 1/32" per side


I take corners at rather high speeds, so I'm looking for a reasonable compromise. I'm thinking of dialing the caster back just a bit, perhaps 6, and setting camber to something like -1.5. What I'm not certain about is toe. I can see a reason for having just a bit of rear toe in, but since the car is propelled by the rear wheels and it ought to have a tendency to toe-in anyway under power. What would be the purpose of slight front toe in? Thoughts on zero toe, front and back?

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