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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
JQmile -

Welcome to EM! Sounds like you have a unique classic Chevette there. I just wiki-ed your car and it looks like an Isuzu powerplant :

Chevrolet Chevette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It oughta be an Isuzu engine - it was an Isuzu car. The Chevette, maligned little ratmobile that it was, would get you from A to B dry and usually faster than walking, so whatever bad that can be said against it, it had that on the plus side.

I wouldn't turn my nose up at it - if there were any still alive around here, it could probably be bought for pocket change. But all other factors being equal, I think I'd probably insist on the diesel - if I'm going to be seen in a Chevette, I'd like to have a little something to brag about, you know?


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