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Whahaha! Looks like your souped up Metro finally got you into trouble. Great stuff.

Originally Posted by Johnny Mullet View Post
I am surprised there are still 15MPH zones. Ever try to drive a manual transmission at 15 MPH? Great story Ben!
Wha? The college has a 15mph zone (to discourage Road Bingo during the high foot traffic hours). One day the campus police pulled over half(est) of the cadets for speeding into the campus (PT). The PMS(Professor Military Science) really got worked up over that one. I can idle down the road slower than that so that's what I usually do, if I showed up for PT I wasn't going to save any time speeding on campus. The campus buses would drive faster then me, but I always beat them pulling away from stops. It was a long strip of road to be doing 15mph, is all I can say.

Originally Posted by mnwcsult View Post
I have been hypermiling for almost two years now. When I started I used 11.5 gal/week. I am now just under 9 gal/week. My car is a 1997 VW Passat VR6.

Today I get a speed camera infraction notice in the mail 41 in a 30 zone. I did not at first recognize the area. So I did a google map and they have setup a speed camera at the bottom of a hill.

At the top of the hill is a red light and two blocks later is the speed camera. There is not another car in the shot coming or going.

I plan to ask for a hearing just to agrue the point. Just coasting down a hill out gear to save fuel and get slapped for 50 USD.
Why did this become a conversation about gasoline cars?
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