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Originally Posted by Who View Post
Went to pick up the Accord (2001 2.3L 5M) from the mechanic's last night but it didn't seem right. They did all fluids as well as a timing belt/water pump servicing (6½ years, 90,000 KMs and only oil changes).

It sounded noisier, like the muffler was going, there was a whirring sound more on the passenger side and when you touched the gas the smallest amount when it was cold then engine went right to 3200 RPM for a bit before finally falling.

The tech said the sound was probably the new timing belt.

If the timing was off would it cause the RPM surge and hold issue (especially when cold) and add some tank rumble like exhaust sounds to the mix?

I was feeling guilty that we've never really done anything but regular oil changes and now we're actually regretting taking it in for service. This wasn't a Honda dealer but they were great when I had my Civic do great work and have done all of our non dealership stuff - great shop, but this tech sounded like a BSer and the owner's out until Tuesday.
Yes, if the timing is off the engine act as if it has a major vacuum leak. Take it back asap and ask if a different tech could re-check the belt timing for you.
If belt timing is off you can do serious damage to the engine; ie; bent valves.
If you feel uncomfortable driving, or it is still making noises. then have it towed.
The shop should pay for towing in this case.
They are probly not bad people, just maybe a little under the gun.
Humans make mistakes. Don't assume they are trying to F**** you.
You may want to wait till Tuesday so you can talk to the man who signs the checks.

Hope this helps.
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