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thanks for the clarification on this thread regarding your motor. I think the reason for the argument last time was sparked by two things;
-your claim but inability to share specifics
-our stubbornness in Physics understanding

Glad things are more civil this time on both fronts.

I think DCB's argument is that any magnet, even the NdFeB type, has the potential to become demagnetized.
The other is that it takes energy to make these magnets in the first place. As you know, magnetism is caused by "wobbly" orbits of electrons in a few elements and makes each atom polar. Groups of aligned atoms of these elements are called magnetic domains. To take these materials and make a magnet, the domains must be unfixed, placed in a powerful magnetic field, and then allowed to fix themselves in place. You have to input energy into an electromagnet to generate this field; you must input thermal E to allow the domains to become unfixed.

If your engines work, there is energy coming from somewhere (I'm admitting our stubbornness in clinging to laws of thermodynamics here) and the likely place is that stored energy in the process of forming the magnets; your engines must have somehow created a function that, as magnets are degaussed, the energy stored in their field as it is destroyed do usable work.
I too would love to see an engine run to death, and see how much E came from it.
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