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Originally Posted by brucepick View Post
I drove in this year's Green Grand Prix. Having been there every year but one, since 2010, I'd say their level of organization was similar to recent years - and still gradually improving every year. I'm convinced it has to be one of the top mpg contests on the East Coast, possibly in the country. It has an excellent road rally on local roads, and the two hours on the WGI track, where you drive about 90 miles at 45 mph average. Yes there's "traffic" on the track, but if they can get back to splitting off the Priuses and Exhibition cars to run at a separate time, that problem will go away again.


I think the weakest point is the GGP leadership's weakness on math and logic (for scoring, class bracketing, etc). I'm convinced the chief organizer just can't wrap his head around those skills. But find me a math person who knows how to organize a non profit motor sports event like this one and keep it funded and sponsored. Not going to happen. This event straddles the "greenie" world, motor sports, TSD, young adult education, and non-profit organizing and fund sourcing. It's a unique combination.
Bruce, Bruce, Bruce... I can confidently say this years event was a huge step back from past years. Please, please, understand I am not meaning to complain. My post about the event was MY experience. Yes, I noted negative points, but I wanted to capture the emotional and mental rollercoaster I had for the event. The past years, I would describe as great- sure things could be improved on, but they weren't bad at all! (Yes, I whined about my filling issue...but nothing is going to correct that. I prefer the other fill station, but Tops just makes more sense)

This past year, there were some issues. That's just the honest truth. I don't think it is Bob, or the GGP in generals fault, I think it is just what happened working with the Glen on their anniversary event. It's how the cards fell. But your post is overall, with more focus on the rally. My issues were...

-Clarity on location. This could have been my fault, but the address I put in for the moose lodge was wrong- it showed me on Google Maps as a few buildings south of the Tops. (Could have been user error)

-Drivers Meeting
--Lack of control over the crowd.
--The packets not all containing the information needed.
--The green stickers "expediting" entry. This was BS...those stickers did nothing, other than make me waste more fuel when I sat with my engine on assuming I would get waived through. Last year, I knew I would have to sit and wait, so we pushed the car, and were prepared to cut the engine and sign it.
--The lack of clarity on the correct route to the field. 'Oh, you just turn at that place...that used to be that other place.' I know a lot of people didn't care about the fuel economy, but if we have a specific route to take...thats the route we should all be taking.

-Using a fuel gauge for MPG...really? Don't get me started.

-Driving with Prius and exhibition cars (I don't have an issue with this, but you mentioned it in your post)

I can't speak to the time/speed rally- those roads have done enough damage to my car- but the portions I was involved with were a bit of a cluster whoops, when I compare to previous years.

If I had to put it in one sentence, I would say: The first two I was involved in were great, and this year was a bit rough from the anniversary- but a great event I highly recommend for driving and spectating.

P.S. This is claimed to be the only event of its kind, and I haven't heard of any other events like this. I'd drive a time zone or two to get to an event like this, so if you know of others...please share


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