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vtec-e - the same seafoam you use in a gasonline engine is the one to use in a diesel engine. It is safe for both. You would have to pick up a can and read the directions, but from what I recall, it is the same procedure for both. Suck in some through the brake booster hose( or any vacuum source), shut off engine and let sit for about 20 min, then start and run until no more smoke. Sometimes a second application is needed. If a vehicle has never been cleaned with it I usually will use a 1/2 can in the intake, and a full can in the tank. After I use all of that tank I will get some Lucas upper cylinder lube and put it into the second tank. Works wonders.


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Cummins dealerships have a product called 4C cleaner( combustion chamber cleaner) that they use mostly on generator engines. Stuff works quite good on removing carbon buildup inside engines and throttle bodies( I used to work for Cummins Northeast). Two cans for a 4cyl engine in the same intake port. Directions on can are very easy to follow, and you WILL want to do it in an open area. Won't smoke in a clean engine( tested it myself in a freshly rebuilt generator engine). Could be safe for diesel engines, not 100% sure.

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A pint of water introduced into the intake centrally and gradually before an oil change will clean up some carbon...not sure what it will do to your O2s.

I once put a quart of water into a 1.5L engine over 50 miles...result was an 80% reduction in oil use...cleaned the ring packs? Also had MMO in the gas at the time.

A pint of kerosene run in the oil before a change will remove some gunk from the oil. While Techron cleans the fuel system.

I noticed that Advance prominently displays Seafoam and tries to hide the Gunk 5 minute motor flush....$9 vs $3?

Seafoam is a way to smoke up your neighborhood...and if anyone complains...just tell them it's SEAFOAM!!!!
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This stuff helps I also installed a new ignition cap & rotor, a must for old cars because mine was corroded inside and seal was broken to bitz. Car ran much smoother and felt like new.
Lucas upper cylinder lubricant/cleaner REVIEW - YouTube
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just wondering what all that released carbon will do to the cat...or am I the only person that still has one?
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carbon should burn up.
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In case it hasn't been said already, you can use water (carefully) to clean the carbon out of an engine it many youtube videos show that it actually works better than seafoam

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