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61 Old car nut

I have had an interest in all thing mechanical and electronic almost my whole like.

I was more of less self taught when I had to learn how to repair my Honda 50 at the age of 15, I then moved on to fixing a 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk (and yes I do wish I still had it AND the two I used for parts and all the other great old cars I went thought…darn darn..if I only knew…)

So I have fixed, customized and modified my own cars all my life, my friends say I “Coylelise” everything..like putting a OLDS 350 into a Chevy Van, or swapping out turbos 350s and 400s for 200R4s , in a 79 Camaro and getting 19 MPG with it and a 70 Caddy Servile and getting no improvement with it’s cranky old analog FI.

I have been trained in A/C Service and worked for two years in that fields and then got trained in TV service and repair. I did both white (appliances) and Brown Goods (TV and Stereos) for a few years.

Then I stumbled into the Science Fiction/Star Trek conventions when I saw a ad for a Star Trek Con here in Phoenix back in 1977 at the first day screening of Star Wars, and at that con found there was a way to pay for going to cons selling ray guns and started doing that for a couple years while still running a fading away TV sales and repair shop in Mesa AZ.

At a con I was recruited into doing props for a Prop Rental Shop called Modern Props.

IT Seems there were very few people that could do electronics, (Winky Blinkies so called)..so I enjoyed a 14 year run doing movie and TV Props in Hollywood. And have been making recreations in-between real jobs all along and that is what I have been doing the whole time so I have now logged in 30 years of props making and it too is fading away ..

It always was hard to make ends met so I was always looking into how to get better mileage.. specially during my first 20 years doing convections and driving a vans, (gas hogs).

So I still have my water injector, and my cold gasoline vapor injector and have been studying like made learning as much as I can for years…two 86 Chevy TPI intakes with all sensors and a few EMCs and MAF sensors all ready to mount on my 93 Chevy Van..(someday..perhaps this year)

I met Mike Holler on his web site mpgresearch and was recruited by him when he was recruited by Dennis Lee to work on the HAFC and the PICC and was for a couple of years a close friend with Mike as we brainstormed all kinds of ideas, I thought I had learned a lot from him, now that I can not sure of his honor I am not sure I can trust anything he has said….

I was greatly sadden when I woke up to what a mess the HAFC is and what little hope I have for a fair deal from Dutchman and finally from Mike himself, so I quit.

So I really went BACK to what I was doing before I hooked up with Mike and Dutchman: Making props AND looking into how I can make auto mileage and power and energy for the home.

And after all this time I find a large lack of people in this field with a good electrical and electronic back ground, so it looks like history will repeat its self again, that my electronic background will drive this work and give ma heads up over most of the other guys…just like it did in Hollywood.

I don’t know it all, but I know enough to ask the right questions, and understand the answers given and to find the right help and to know when I am getting the right help.

The fuel cell I just got looks like nearly the last word for a cell, the only limits is the gasket material and the power connectors, but for testing it is in my eyes THE last word.
Now that I have that figured out (Or rather you guys have) I can get on with the Computer controller.

I welcome all the help I can get.

I have a home based work shop, a 12 X 36 manual Lathe, (modified by me…) a Sears 8 X 18 table lathe, a Gorton Large mill, a table mill, a bunch of belt sanders and in storage (due to a lack of need) a MAXNC 5 Axis Bench top Mill and MAXNC Bench top Lathe…and I am self taught on all of these as well. Also a compressor, air tools, a vacuum chamber and pressure casting tanks.. and some other stuff.

But I am a touch greedy, I need to provide for my wife’s future I am her sole support, I would like to also help my children and a few very close friends, so I am hoping and planning to build a business making and selling these systems so will slightly less open that most of you are here…I will offer this board a special deal when (if) I get this up and running and will consider some other deals…

Well that is it in a nut shell.

I tried to be up front and honest about my intentions and plans.

Let me know if I am still welcome here.


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Welcome to the site. That is quite the intro.

What exactly are you designing now? A computer controller for a fuel cell?
Current project: A better alternator delete
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Master EcoModder
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: Phoenix AZ
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Not currently, I was trying to make a CPU do what I wanted it to do but run into some problems with using a scangauge and need to retest once I get a good way to watch MPG...

And so far my work with hydro has not been all that great either...


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