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Coates Spherical Rotary Valve Engine

Hello -

I was toodling around in this thread :


And it led me here :

The Engine of the Future

The Coates Spherical Rotary Valve Engine is the most advanced in the world, with the most positive valving system ever built. The breathing capabilities of the system are almost double that of a poppet valve. For instance: a static test of a five-litre poppet valve engine on an airflow machine produced a reading of 133 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with valve fully opened. The five-litre Coates Spherical Rotary Valve Engine on the same machine, however, produced a reading of 319 CFMs fully opened; a colossal advantage in airflow comparison. A five-litre poppet vavle engine tested on a dynomometer under the same loads and conditions at 5500 produced 480 BHP and 454 foot pounds of torque. The maximum RPMs on the poppet valve engine were 5700 RPMs; the Spherical Rotary Valve Engine in comparison reached 14,850 RPM's, The Coates Spherical Rotary Valve comprises two spherical rotary valves assembled on two separate shafts - one for inlet and one for exhaust. They rotate on ceramic carbon bearing with no oil lubrication, the spheres do not make contact with any part of the housing. The seals are a floating type and are also made of a ceramic material. They have two piston rings and are floating in a small cylinder-type chamber, they are activated by the compression and the combustion strokes of the engine which allows 100 percent sealing effectiveness, when compressed
What do you think? Does it have a future?



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It certainly would have far less mechanical drag, and much less noise and vibration, and clearance issues are negated, I think. If it makes as much power as they say, then the displacement could be greatly reduced.
Sincerely, Neil

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I don't know about it having a future (I think electric actuators have that spot) but I saw this concept in the back of a car magazine about 20 years ago so it's certainly not as new as they make it seem...
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Yeah, I'm very interested in the Coats Sphereical Valves, I've been following them for at least 3-5 years now, if not longer. Unfortunately from what I've heard there have been no demonstrations of working products, and when people go to get really good looks at them in action things happen, like the power cuts out and the lights go off. I hope they're as good as they say they are and that they make market, but at this time I'm about 3% confident that they're the real deal and that they make it.
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Seems more plausible than a 110mpg mustang.... lol
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Originally Posted by robertwb70 View Post
I don't know about it having a future (I think electric actuators have that spot) but I saw this concept in the back of a car magazine about 20 years ago so it's certainly not as new as they make it seem...
Yeah I still have that magazine too. Problem with this system if I recall correctly is they burn too much oil compared to the traditional valve system.

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