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Old 12-15-2016, 08:45 PM   #91 (permalink)
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It takes talent and a brain to be a hypermile driver
It doesnt to be a tailgate driver
Its interesting how many change Dr Jeckle/Mr Hyde the second they get behind the wheel.
I could care less how pissed they get. if Im reasonable, smooth and courteous checking my rearview from the right lane maintaining speed limit and they dont collect me in a crash go find the next driver to push and flash lights
I enjoy waving as I drive by the cop that pulled them over. Sweet

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Old 12-15-2016, 09:53 PM   #92 (permalink)
Wannabe hyper..., miler !
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That's right !
Horrible how meek individuals change when behind a killing machine ��.

As for me, I'm almost to a point I CAN SAY ..., "whatever" ��
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Old 12-16-2016, 11:43 AM   #93 (permalink)
ScanGauge <3
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Right? And it's not a new thing.

Fortunately for me, people in and around my area don't seem to get too annoyed at the guy hanging out in the right lane, often doing a little under the speed limit, and coasting to stoplights. Only gotten a honk or two since I started a couple years ago.

And if they can't read or don't want to follow my "Hypermiling -- Please Pass" bumper sticker, it's on them.

Best tank (so far): 32 MPG
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I'm 6'5" and 280lbs. For some reason people never seem to want to vent their anger at me. Luckily for me we don't have guns over here.
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Old 12-23-2016, 03:40 AM   #95 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Lemmy View Post
I'm 6'5" and 280lbs. For some reason people never seem to want to vent their anger at me. Luckily for me we don't have guns over here.
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Originally Posted by Lemmy View Post
I'm 6'5" and 280lbs. For some reason people never seem to want to vent their anger at me. Luckily for me we don't have guns over here.
... or unfortunately, depending on your point of view.
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I enjoy observing which group gets pissed off the most with the short fuse already lit. No surprise from the middle age guy in the muscle car or the guy in the great big truck. But I cant understand crazy mom in the minivan or the young punk in the Hyundai or Toyota who thinks its a muscle car. But the one I almost had gut wrenching laugh over was the 20 something year old who gave me the finger from his stock Prius. I saluted back with a thumbs up as I continued past them pulling off into the gas station.
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Old 07-13-2019, 06:44 PM   #98 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by vandykkd View Post
I enjoy observing which group gets pissed off the most......
Not to change the subject, on this 2.5 year old thread, but I observed 6 speedy gas wasting drivers who were happy to pass me at a strong pace, & they all disappeared around bends in the roads or over the tops of hills. Myself, I proceeded around the bends or over the hills at 40+MPG to be greeted by lit-up state troopers or police handing out tickets to said speeders & gas wasters. I haven't had such an occasion recently, so don't speed by me now. I'm way over-due for repeat performances.
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Old 07-13-2019, 06:54 PM   #99 (permalink)
Ol' Skooler
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Not that often, though I get the occasional honk from someone. I have never experienced anything more threatening than that. It has popped into my mind that since I am almost exclusively on the freeway with a 75mph PSL, on a freeway with a pretty high density of heavy truck traffic, and in a state where large pickups and SUVs are also numerous, that perhaps I should step back a bit from the hypermiler focus and try to find a happier medium to blend into the traffic flow better. I have seen more and more that I am causing real traffic issues.

'97 Honda Civic DX Coupe 5MT
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Old 07-14-2019, 04:34 AM   #100 (permalink)
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You mean youíve awakened to the fact of your selfishness being in conflict with their selfishness.

I drive for a living. 100,000-miles in a year. Observations about traffic have to be accurate. And, as the truck is on a schedule which limits the hours worked both per day and per week, a happy medium has to be established with respect to trafffic flow.

Safety trumps FE. They track the same until they donít. Choose risk-reduction when they diverge.

So, in general: with an Interstate upper limit of 70-mph thereís akways a crowd trying to get ahead of each other. The commercial traffic is usually speed-governed at from 65 to 68-mph.

Safety is in maintaining maximum distance from others. Vehicle Spacing. Call it 300í.

The speed at which it is easiest to stay away from others is a cruise control set speed of 64-mph (up to but not including heavy traffic). As highway FE is strictly about maintaining steady-state, this rules out any accel & decel events as well as lane changes.

64-mph is the rocking chair.

The key to lowered risk driving is the awareness of constantly changing conditions. Having made the choice to be a disposable American among others not capable of making correct decisions in re Time & Distance, youíll have to do their thinking for them.

The packs of cars are Job One. At 64 or a little higher theyíll sled up to pass you and then lag once back ahead of you. So it isnít a matter of dealing with ONE car. Itís the ones who canít function without others in their immediate vicinity.

When that pack has overtaken you, cancel cruise control (over the course of a long day CC is far more reliable than you; our skills deteriorate with vibration, thus fatigue) to drop well below 60-mph. Get them GONE.

Re-engage Cruise once theyíre MORE THAN 300í out ahead and still pulling away. A half mile is the ideal. Thereís no hurry to get back to speed. Use terrain to ease the transition, etc.

But thereís always another pack coming up.

When itís big trucks it will take more time to sort. Big trucks jam up as the difficulties of their total weight and governed speed versus available HP keep it from being easy to pass one another in a timely fashion.

So, at 64-mph with a gaggle of big trucks waddling along abead of me (maybe a mile or more) and yet another pack of Disposables coming up behind me, the better choice can be to accelerate to a higher speed to have the truck flock behind me BEFORE the herd of rats catch up.

The signal evidence of Idiocracy is a mixed pack of big trucks and cars. None bright enough to have avoided the situation in the first place.

The TOOLS available are to be used. Accel. Decel. Passing Lane.

Vehicle Spacing drives all other considerations. We may wish to travel at a given set speed but conditions of Road, Vehicle Load, Traffic, and Weather are constant modifiers. Thus why we have a side range of possible (legal) speeds to accomplish this space maintenance.

Only the right lane of an Interstate has ROW. Not traffic entering. Not traffic moving faster than others. There is NO extended legal travel in the left lane. After a short hard pass (300í on each end of space), itís back to the right lane.

Donít let others drive you. As you come up on someone slower than you i the right lane, itís time to move over. Irrelevant who is in the left lane UNLESS they are actually passing you. They donít exist, in a legal sense. Putting on your turn signal is NOT asking permission. You go.

It is strictly illegal to block access to the passing lane. ROW is everything. They donít have it. Causing the right lane to jam up is the equivalent to Original Sin. The fundamental premise of the design and gigantic capital expense.

Itís the flow of the travel lane that is the health of the Interstate. Why we built 90,000-miles of unused road is that the smooth flow of vehicles past one another is crucial to everyoneís safety. That it enhances timeliness is a great benefit to all, but especially to commercial traffic.

62-mph can be a tad slow. 64 is my slowest set speed versus my together 68. I usually run at 67. I have to work a good deal harder at 67. But as my days are 500-700 miles in length and other big trucks are my concern (cars are invisible; itís a parallel world, not the same one), keeping my distance while possibly having to set up a pass two miles or more ahead all the while maintaining steady-state FE is the challenge.

One will hear complaints about slow passes by trucks. True. The guy in the right lane needs to back off at some point (preferably when they are abreast) and get the other guy back over soonest. NEVER LET A PACK FORM UP.

But the slow pass is wholly legal. Believe me that I get real tired of the near-retarded (85-IQ) who think itís a game and speed up to try and cancel the pass of the other. This isn't rare Some stupids speed up because they are so unconscious they match the speed of anyone passing.

In any event my having made the decision to pass is final. There has to be plenty of room out ahead of him to make it both safe and worthwhile.

In a 500-mile day I may pass only a few times. Heavier traffic means a slower set speed. Until I am unable to use CC at all due to traffic volume. (Thatís at about 75-miles from a city center).

The point is to ease along. The aero penalty at 64-mph isnít as important as the necessity of the awareness required to BEST maintain this steady-state cruise, as very good numbers can be obtained.

Were another to jump in here and tell me I donít get to tell him how much money to spend on fuel, he needs to be able to back that up. The total percentage of annual miles in non-metro highway travel. And his putative savings.

A most excellent insult across the CB is to point out that the way one guy is driving badly (tailgating being the best example) is to put another at high risk of injury or death. For pennies (driver pay is cents-per-mile). As being ďCB RamboĒ is an ancient part of the tradition, adding that if itís a tailgating truck driver kills my family . . . he ainít got long to live either. Bet on it.

So, Mr Save-the-Earth, whatís the change to the CPM figure of your Total Annual Cost of Ownership in going a sensible 64 versus the miserly 58? (fits your realization). Itís surpassingly low, isnít it? A tenth of a cent, or a hundredth?

Long vehicle life is the real Economy. All else depends from that. Thus further cutting cold starts and combining ALL errands will save far more than a few mph.

Not your fault or mine that millions of the near-retarded and worse have been allowed to invade this country. Proper citizenship is dependent on an average IQ well above 90-points. Itís made the Interstates dangerous. But it doesnít make high MPG impossible. Adapting to conditions is what the stoopid canít do. Your ability has the twin rewards of lower risk and lower operational costs when done well.

(And donít tell me that youíre also a truck driver and ďknowĒ these things. 58 is for those empty roads.)

The plan for the day has to include stops for 15í rest break every two hours. And an hour-long break every four hours. These arenít optional. Choose them the night before. Combine them with that which is pleasant.

Travel is also an art. Fast food restaurants arenít part of it. Be above the hubbub in all ways. Spirit needs tending.


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