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Does Hypermileing make you a safer driver?

I have notice that I pay a lot of attention to what is going on around me on the road and in traffic. So, if cell phones detract from our driving safely does hypermileing inhance our safety when driving...?

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redyaris -

There's an old pithy phrase I use that is also used when teaching safe driving and applies to hypermiling, "Drive the Road Ahead".


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I find that im focused on driving and not just getting to a location. Its also helped me curb some of my old road rage because I dont mind being behind slow people. But ive always driven with extreme focus as to whats going on. Mostly because I was taught to drive with your head on a swivel. Seeing and thinking of as many "could go wrong" scenereos while driving as possible. I answer texts and return calls when im done driving.
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needs more cowbell
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I'm a much safer driver than I was, guaranteed (and knock on wood). I don't remember the last time I got a ticket, or suddenly found myself navigating a ditch, or found myself picking up my motorcycle, or...

There are surprisingly few surprises when you slow down AND pay lots of attention.
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larrybuck (06-22-2011)
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Yes, I'm sure it does. Driving slower (rather than aggressively) and paying attention definitely has to be the safer way to drive.
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The answer is unequivocally YES.
I'm not coasting, I'm shifting slowly.
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Anticipating stops and slow-downs prevents immediate emergency braking that can surprise other drivers. I think that is probably the biggest one. Driving with a buffer is also a big one, because of the increased reaction time allowed.

Hypermilers are always looking ahead and feeding themselves information. Drivers talking on cell phones or fiddling with gadgets might get by sometimes, and thus convince themselves that they're plenty capable of multitasking; but when it comes down to it their ability to react to unanticipated situations is greatly reduced.

Now, I'm not saying that every hypermiling tactic is appropriate for every situation. Part of hypermiling is knowing when to refrain from using a certain technique that would impede traffic. If someone were to EOC in heavy traffic, or travel at a speed far below the limit with other drivers behind, I would blame their own irresponsibility, not hypermiling in general. Same with cell phones. The driver chooses whether or not to allow the device to become a distraction.

Overall, the act of hypermiling facilitates greater awareness, not less.
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Originally Posted by redyaris View Post
I have notice that I pay a lot of attention to what is going on around me on the road and in traffic. So, if cell phones detract from our driving safely does hypermileing inhance our safety when driving...?
I'm looking even further ahead.
OTOH, I'm also looking at the ScanGauge a bit too often

I also end up tailgaiting too often for my liking while waiting for faster traffic to pass me, so I can overtake in turn.
Strayed to the Dark Diesel Side

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...beats walking...
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...cautious? yes!

...safer? really depends on what others do.
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Its made me much more aware of all things as has been mentioned, but for me the concentration on mirror driving, and how I can SMOOTHLY help those faster vehicles to get by so all of us on the road can be lighter on the GO pedal!

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