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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
How would you get from square tubing to a finished surface? Sheet metal seems logical. When you built the Kayak was there a lot of tapering the strips necessary?
I ran the strips through a router. Every single tiny one of them had a tongue and groove. The strips are laid over a form and stapled in place. They take the shape quite easily and when done (months of work) the surface is shaped with sanding and planing. After that the outer fiberglass is applied. When that cures the kayak is removed from the form and flipped over (and separated in two pieces). Anyway, that is probably more detail than you wanted. Corners and complex curves are quite simple with cedar strip method. The same method can be done with some other materials. People have tried various foam cores, but cedar has the advantage of crush strength. The point of the sandwich is that the core acts as a light weight separation to strengthen the two sides, like cardboard really. If I chose to round the roof to side corners it would be a complex curve, probably difficult for sheet metals.

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My son inherited his grandfather's redwood canoe, which I watched him build, so I'm familiar. It seemed the pinched, vertical ends of a canoe would require less tapering than a kayak (before the t&g treatment). Still, as you say, a lot of work.

I found some material at the recyclers. I don't know what it's called and I can't find an example in Google Images, but it's a sheet metal strip with 1 1/2" radius and an 1/8" step along the sides. I got two 8' lengths I'm going to use for cabinets; but a similar strip with 4" radius joining two curved edges would produce something like what you see in U-Haul trailers, only curved.

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Another set of thoughts. For space and utility maximization:

There's a beautifully restored 1974 TRAVCO for sale in FOrt Collins, CO. V8-440 Dodge power. Front disc brakes. Ninth Moho resto by owner.

Use it well and resell it later. Probably be close to break even on purchase and sales price. This is the approach the ex and I took with a truck/trailer combo. Sold the trailer, and came out ahead versus apartment rent, hotels, etc. And this was after spending on repairs and upgrades.

Leave the aero alone. It's already good. A Travco is highly admired, and valuable. A Cummins conversion wouldn't pay for itself very soon (and would need computer control six speed auto or manual six speed to be worth it). EFI on the 440 and the special cam from the FMC specialist, Morgan Hill RV, would be as far as I went).

Other than that, a third body color [stripe] and then go to ZIP DEE for a complete awning package all around that uses those colors. Same for interior window treatments. Use AIRSTREAMS suppliers.

The other upgrade to make it "better" is a gasoline generator. Bound to be a way to fit in an ONAN behind a custom door. (And I'd convert the roof AC to a Coleman low profile 15k but Mach 8). A solar package won't help, but AGM house and engine batteries would.

See Hendersons Lineup for suspension and steering upgrades.

Trip planning is how to get a vehicle down the road. When one is living in it 24-hrs, a few hours on the road every day or every other week isn't as important. MPG is relative. But not to cars. This remains a fundamental mistake in thinking with every RV thread on this site.

A Moho is a truly excellent way for a family to travel. And the short length of this one is a tremendous starting point. No second vehicle being towed. Etc. This IS an economical Moho.


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initial question

Originally Posted by Poodwaddle View Post
Thanks for that idea. I will see if it works in this design. The kitchen, like you say, is micro inside and would be a pain to live with for everyday cooking. I think that just might be a great way of expanding the space.

Nobody has really answered my initial question though. I am curious how much the drop top will improve mileage over a solid upright build. I am guessing 3-5MPG but I would love more experienced opinions.
I'm seeing your thread for the 1st time today (wish it had been on the Aero Forum).
I'll have to spend some time thinking on it.You've combined elements which have never been tested so it's gonna have to be a 'guess.'
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To baseline you will have to figure out how far above below you are against the vixen Rv, bigger =lower
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Originally Posted by aerohead
I'm seeing your thread for the 1st time today (wish it had been on the Aero Forum).
Is that a Cavalry bugle I hear? (you need to get out more )

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