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Hey from NJ with an inefficient Hyundai!

Hey Everyone. My name is Joe. I'm from Central New Jersey. I drive a 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS AWD V6 3.5L and a six speed automatic with manual mode and, while it gets much better mileage than my old 4Runners, I'm not thrilled with it. If I drive strictly on the highway and use the autostick to keep it in sixth while not going faster than 65, the best I can get is around 26.5 MPG. Around town, I can manage around 19 to 20.
The only fuel saving things my car has going for it are LLR tires, reduced alternator load with HID headlights (though my stereo probably cancels that out,) running synthetic 0w20 instead of 5w20 and synthetic transmission fluid. I'd be interested in making some modifications to squeeze a few more mpgs out of it if I can, as I put about 1500 miles on the car a month.
I don't have a roof rack or a spoiler so those are moot. I would be up for getting rid of my mud flaps, doing a partial grill block, a belly pan and an engine block heater. In about 10k miles when I get new tires, I'm considering going from a 235 to a 215 for less rolling resistance.
Some things I'm not really willing to do are getting rid of my AC, power steering, side view mirrors, windshield wipers or radio antenna. It's just that I spend a lot of time in my car and I need to be comfortable driving it.

1996 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4
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Welcome to the forum. Sorry it took so long, but then I see you joined 5 years ago and this is your first post I'm sure you already know you aren't going to ever win any mileage records with an SUV, but you aren't doing too bad, all things considered. Auto and AWD are going to limit your available improvements, but I think you can bring it up some. Even though you probably have an FCD, unless it gives you instant mpg, you need to get a SG or UG. You need to be able to see the effects of small changes in throttle in real time and have accurate temp readings if you are going to do a grill block. My Kia Rondo is probably close enough for a comparison. I know I can watch the instant mpg vary several mpg with negligible movement of the throttle. I also found that many of the hypermiling techniques that work really well with a standard, didn't work in that car. I drive it very differently than I do my Echo.
As for your planned mods, I think it's a pretty good list. Whatever you can do to improve your Aero will help you on the highway. The grill block and belly pan will reduce air drag and also help the engine warm up faster. A block heater is a big help in winter, especially if you do many short trips in winter.

Almost all my driving is done 1-5 miles at a time.
Best short trip: 2.4 l/100 km, 3.9 km
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Welcome to the site (a while back). You can eek out some more fuel efficiency through modding. If you're looking for more than that, I'd start looking at a different vehicle.

Current project: A better alternator delete
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