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Wanting more for less
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Metric - '94 Honda Magna 250
90 day: 71.83 mpg (US)

RedCelica - '94 Toyota Celica ZR
90 day: 35.97 mpg (US)

i30 - '12 Hyundai i30 Elite
90 day: 40.86 mpg (US)
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I don't own and have never driven a hybrid, my experience comes from the other side of the fence.

My boss drives a 2011 Toyota Camry hybrid and we've had a friendly rivalry over fuel consumption this past year.

At first, her average easily beat mine, but as I've slowly gotten better with the Mazda, I caught and have now passed her average.

She complained when it was put in for it's last service and the serviceman told her that that's as good as can be expected from the 2011 model, the 2012 model is "much better".
She's not a happy lass.

I've advised her to slow down and showed her the Camry fuel / speed graph that MetroMPG posted. Time will tell how keen she is to work to reduce that figure.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, just because it's got a hybrid badge on the back, doesn't guarantee incredible figures. Where and how you drive still makes a big difference.


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My C-Max - '13 Ford C-Max SEL
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Absolutely correct......
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Civic DX (sold) - '97 Honda Civic DX
90 day: 34.15 mpg (US)

GTO (sold) - '04 Pontiac GTO
90 day: 22.62 mpg (US)

Green Brick (sold) - '06 Ford Escape Hybrid
90 day: 31.93 mpg (US)
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I have a 2006 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD. IMHO, it is the best all-around small SUV you can buy. My wife meets or exceeds the revised EPA ratings (30/28 city/hwy) every tank driving about 40/60% city/hwy while not always caring a whole lot about mileage. I averaged about 32MPG on our trip from northern Utah to Los Angeles this summer with the cruise set at 70-73MPH and the AC on.

It will only do EV mode to about 40MPH because of the transmission design (explained here, the Prius and Ford's hybrids use similar trannies). In practice, 30MPH is about the max cruising speed that can be sustained on flat ground. I can go about half a mile in EV mode at 20-25MPH. The first gen FEHs are more difficult to get into EV mode than the '09 (possibly '08) and later models. From what I've read, the newer ones will kill the engine almost any time you lift off the accelerator while under 40MPH. Mine usually needs some persuasion such as shifting to L and/or double tapping the brakes.

The battery is about 1.8kWh, but in normal driving it only goes between about 40% and 60% SoC (Prius battery is similar but uses much more of its capacity). I haven't driven it enough in city to really get a feel for the best way to drive it. What I've gathered from those get 40-50+MPG tanks is that accelerating with the gas engine and then gliding in EV mode is the best way to get good mileage under 40MPH.
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(Ford C-Max Hybrid)
By using the Cruise Control frequently & momentarily tapping down on the (-) button...
you can switch to "electric motor run" earlier than the computer will....
thus extending your mpgs...

have gotten +50mpg "runs" w/ this method.

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