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Outside the Box
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Interesting reading and a couple comments...

Hello all.

Just joined today and have been reading up on some of the concepts and posts. A couple of comments after 2.6 million miles, 600,000 of it professionally.

Some of your eco driving tips are dangerous, some are right on and I exercise them routinely, even back in the days when I drove semi. The ones that I consider dangerous are:

1) please do maintain the normal speed on upgrades... I was taught (yes 45 years ago) to maintain a constant speed up and down. Now I know where some of the drag and fly cars I climb up on unexpectedly are coming from. On long grades just put your foot in it... cresting a hill a 25 mph on a 55 mph 2 lane that's typically run at 62 is asking for trouble... a one ton that can maintain 100 mph on a 6 mile long 7% upgrade or pull a 20,000 lb trailer anywhere, doesn't even know the 1/4 or 1/2 mile 4% hill is even there when running empty. The turbo just comes on a little and it walks right up. Most of the bigger displacement vehicles us old farts have owned and spent most of our lives in are that way. Under 45 mph in these conditions due to 80,000 lbs and gravity and one can't maintain normal speed at 100% power... I run my hazard flashers. Please at least do that.

2) I know you can't maintain the momentum, but please stop at the stop signs and lights... I've seen several right-turn "stops" run almost side ways and I've had to brake to avoid them... One should not do ANYTHING that causes a vehicle with the right of way to brake... you've cut it too tight then.

3) Please do not wait until the last minute to brake to a stop hoping the light will change.... people like me who are watching an 1/8th mile 360 by default assume your going to run it and have already gone into avoidance maneuvers. Trust me you do not want to be the recipient of 80,000 lbs when your brakes fail... and they will... is a matter of when, not if. Also, the person behind you may not be paying attention either and maybe cant stop as fast as you. The laws of physics are indiscriminate! These laws simply don't care about Wash DC, your state legislature, lawyers, PC, Eco, or anything else and are 100% inflexible. The Emergency Rooms see this all the time.

Drive safe you all, eco driving is ok, but only up to the point of safety and courtesy.

Still wanting to learn on how to eco hybrid my one ton... 1200 or 1500 lbs of batteries won't mean a thing to it. If the 4x4s transfer case's neutral gate is truly 100% disengaged, I can think of a couple of ways to tie in an electric motor. The Cummins and 4x4 systems need to remain intact and usable when wanted/needed.


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Just joined today and have been reading up on some of the concepts and posts. A couple of comments after 2.6 million miles, 600,000 of it professionally.
Heck I drive that much in a good day!

Wow, great to hear from someone with that much experience! You've made a lot of good points.
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Hi Dave -

Originally Posted by dem45133 View Post
Some of your eco driving tips are dangerous
I fully agree, if performed incorrectly, or when they negatively affect other drivers, as you point out.

Which is why the driving tips page has this advisory up top:

Note that the list on this page describes some techniques that may be illegal in some areas, and potentially unsafe (or inconsiderate) depending on the traffic situation where they're used.

So don't be stupid! Make safety your first priority. Use good judgment and be considerate toward drivers around you.
Pretty much what you said. Welcome to the forum.
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3) Please do not wait until the last minute to brake to a stop hoping the light will change....
AFAIK the recommendations on this site are pretty much the exact opposite.


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