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Late 70s TransAm to EV

I had a few TransAms in my life yet I being drawn to building an electric car and I thought I should kill two birds with one stone. But it would have to be somewhat cool ( high performance).
Replace automatic with a t5 and I would love to go vvvf I doubt it will happen but I can go with a large dc motor. If I aeromod the body it should be alright, carry 12-15 rv batteries where the engine used to be maybe a solar panel in he trunk lid and two in the hood. With a wide ratio transmission it should do a decent burnout. Small generator in the back just in case I could go more batteries but I don't want the engine bay too crowded. Actually I have a line on a 4horse kubota diesel engine, single cylinder 0.3l.

I know a lighter vehicle would be more practical this is just something cool to cruise in. Have 2 12 inch subs to blast top fuel dragster sounds while driving then pop hood at car show to amaze the crowds

Black with t-tops and the bird on the hood. I don't know how I could rework the front end to make it more aerodynamic by I'm guessing lots of lexan and creativity. Full belly pan.

No garage so I will have to wait for spring but until then I shall continue research. Ideas and suggestions? I could even go with an old Porsche 911 but the bird would have more room to convert

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bandit86 -

Ha ha, you could make a Firebird hood emblem out of solar panels!

Someone converted a 1st-gen GM pony car to electric in Los Angeles. I've seen it but I don't know the details. It's gotta be a celebrity e-car.


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The good thing about converting a giant car is the vast amounts of room to put stuff. Giant rear wheel drive cars are even better because there is no transmission in the way...even MORE room to put stuff.

The bad thing about converting a giant car is that "stuff" costs money, and more stuff will be required to get the same results as a smaller, lighter car, resulting in a much larger higher overall cost.

But the thing that trumps everything is the fact that it will be ridiculously cool if you are successful. Just be sure to start a build thread so we can follow along!
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You might also try signing on at www(dot)diyelectriccar(dot)com for lots of advice. You'll have to ignore the folks who'll tell you the part about it not being the optimum choice for conversion. There are a few folks who have made rather large/heavy high performance EV's. I say, more {hopefully lithium} power to you.
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If you can get a rear end for that car that is geared right you could go without the transmission and with luck brake even on parts required as I imagine that a transmission is going to cost more then the proper geared rear end, you end up saving weight and space by having the motor hooked right up to the drive shaft.
As much as some people will try to stand in your way when it comes to cutting up a classic car, it seems like the gas tank on a TransAm is going to be huge too so cutting in to the floor and putting a battery box where the gas tank was to shift some of the weight to the back is going to be key to keeping the car balanced and handling properly.
I didn't find any TransAm's on EValbum.com that were finished and on the road to get an idea of watts per mile, but looking at other cars of that general size, shape and weight, it looks like 400 to 500 watts per mile (twice what my car uses) so a set of 20 T105 flooded golf cart batteries would give you a 50-60 mile range.

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