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Old 10-24-2011, 09:05 AM   #11 (permalink)
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It really depends on the vehicle. If you start with a flow mess underneath causing drag you can either reduce it or clean it up. Hucho and Hoerner cover ground effect. On a truck 2WD versus 4WD can make a huge difference on the relationship between ground clearance and fuel economy. It may be more prudent, for example, to lower the former or divert ground air with spoilers, whereas the latter might gain more with a belly pan. I would not lower a truck via suspension mods regardless. Between the cost to benefit ratio and potential negative impacts on vehicle utility, ride quality and resale value seem like good reasons to pursue a different approach.

Recreation Engineer

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I just lowered my ranger 4/4 for FE increase and can comment a bit.

Research will need to be done for your particular model, but you can lower without loosing capacity or ride quality with a proper kit. My 4/5 suspension drop keeps the same load capacity and ride quality as stock. It also aligns to factory specs. Driving the truck, you would not know it had been lowered, outside of the fuel gauge moving a bit slower.

I do not yet have enough mpg data after lowering to say my gains for sure, but I have seen 4mpg average so far.

Cost/benefit is not very good on lowering by itself. My kit ran 800 with shocks. If you are wanting some simple mods to do, this shouldn't be on your list. If you are wanting to go all out (such as I am), it will show decent gains, especially when compounded with additional mods.

Resale value or anything of that nature is not a concern when done properly. If you heat the springs with a torch or otherwise, it will be a bad experience. A proper lowering will not hurt resale one bit, and actually improve it. It does depend a lot on a vehicle. A lowered ranger or 1/2 ton and the like have good resale when lowered. A dually, for example, would likely not.
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A 4" front/6" rear slam worked for me.

+1.0 MPG

Tough to do on a 4x4
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I tried lowering my truck once...didn't have any space left in the bed fer my tools, gas mileage sucked, handling was all over the road, braking was scarey...so I got rid of the sand.
Dark Aero-The world's first aerodynamic single wheel boat tail!

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2012 JEEP Grand Cherokee - active suspension for aero

I caught the World-Series from the 7th inning on last night.
The Italians ran an add for their new JEEP Grand Cherokee.The SUV has active-suspension which lowers the vehicle for better mpg on the highway.
With the latest CAFE standards for 44-mpg trucks( 61 mpg for cars) by 2025,this is probably something we'll see more and more of as time unfolds.
Also,they ran an add for their Dodge 300 with 8-speed trans ( for 31-mpg ).
Finally,they had Jennifer Lopez cruising New York City in their Fiat 500.No word of lowering,8-speeds,or mpg.
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I have not lowered the front of my truck and doubt I will, since time and gravity have done a fine job of "relaxing" things. The rear is adjustable now with my air rear swingarm/shackle system. No significant change there except for a huge improvement in ride quality.
I can go +/- 2 inches now.


2007 Dodge Ram 3500 SRW 4x4 with 6MT
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currently parked - 1996 Dodge 2500 Cummins Turbodiesel
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