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New tires for the 3rd gen Prius

Well my tires are starting to get a slow leak and are 6.5yo and need of replacement. I have a set of cooper cs3 grand touring tires which aren't particularly lrr so I'm hoping the new tires will give me a nice boost.
Here are my options:

All 195/65/15 prius fit lrr tires.

1: Bridgestone Ecopia Ep422 (JP, S rated) 88.7
2: Continental PureContact W/ Eco tech 89.47
3: Goodyear assurance fuel max 107.68
4: michelin energy saver a/s 121.9

The only thing I've noticed is Michelins are always pricey, mileage warrantys are always bs with every tire, and there is no such thing as actually getting a tire rebate (you'll never qualify no matter what).

So I know the Ecopia will get decent gas mileage, without being sporty, probably not quiet.
The conty is the sporty tire, quiet, but i'm not sure about the fuel economy with them.
The goodyear can get good mpgs but goodyear is usually ****, unless someone else has a reserved opinion in them.
And michelin of course will be nice tires with great fuel economy but such a % cost higher the fuel mileage negates itself.

What tire would you slap on the Prius next? Right now I think I can get 52 around town but only 41 on the interstate.

Could the michelin have the quietness of the conti and mpg of the ep422 rolled up in one?

Honestly my main priority is an extremely quiet tires with good mpg. The prius is pretty loud on the interstate.

(and i posted a poll but it wouldnt take )

"I feel like the bad decisions come into play when you trade too much of your time for money paying for things you can't really afford."

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First, you need to be aware that there is a 3 way technology triangle between rolling resistance, traction (especially wet traction), and treadwear. To get good results in one area, the other areas have to be sacrificed.

Also be aware that tires labeled LRR mean low RR compared to tires with similar wear and traction characteristics. LRR is NOT an absolute.

That means the tires with the best rolling resistance are going to be OE tires - because vehicle manufacturers are very concerned about fuel economy and are willing to sacrifice treadwear to get it.

So how do you identify OE tires? Sometimes, it's a single size in a particular line of tires. An example would be the Bridgestone Ecopia EP20. It only comes in a P195/65R15. Tire Rack confirms that this tire is OE on Hondas.

Unfortunately it is UTQG rated as 380BB.

The BS EP422 you mentioned is OE on newer Priuses, and it is rated 600AA - BUT - that probably means it has a higher RR than the EP20.

The other tires you mentioned are probably NOT OE and will probably not have as good RR as either the EP422 or the EP20.

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I'm running the Continental true contacts, 90k tire 800aa rating, running at 60psi and loving them, they also have the tech in the sidewall that deflects bumps around the tire to soften the bounce of the suspension


Staying Focus'd on MPG
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