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Originally Posted by shovel View Post
We all do stuff that's not natural. We all pollute.
You're the one who seems to have missed the points. First point is that it's not about polluting or not polluting, it's about tearing around, and tearing up, large areas of landscape in ways that prevent other people from enjoying them. So I have a computer. Nothing about that keeps you from having, or not having, one of your own.

For a perhaps closer analogy, say I own a gun. Some people might not like that, but if I use it appropriately, for hunting, target shooting, or self-defense, they have no valid objection. But if I chose to take it into a city and start firing shots at random, they sure as shooting (if you'll pardon the expression) do. Same reasoning applies to your off-roaders, in reverse.

Second point is where this started, which is the basic logical contradiction in off-road drivers thinking that their hobby is somehow getting them away from the noise & chaos of civilization, when in fact they're riding around in large producers of said noise & chaos. And often as not, inflicting in on those who were trying to get away.

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PBS did not pick it up

According to this source:

Current.org | "Your Week," a TV-web hybrid, 2008

. . .
Your Week is a half-hour TV newsmagazine and website now being developed for national consumption by Washington’s WETA in partnership with the conservative National Review, the more liberal New Republic and Reddit.com, a social news site that, like Digg, allows users to share links and vote the most popular ones to higher prominence on its home page.

The producers finished a pilot last week, will focus-group and tweak it over the next few weeks and will launch the project nationally in October if PBS picks it up, says Dalton Delan, e.p. for WETA. The video pilot will go online later this summer.
. . .
We are looking at a pilot that was never picked up. In fact, their web site has a great sunset photo:
Your week

IMHO, it was just another attempt to generate a false conflict:
  • Evolution vs Creationism
  • Choice vs baby-killers
  • State Religion vs Prayer in School
  • Prius vs Hummer
The program went down the tubes where it belonged.

There was an effort by the Bush administration to take over PBS and put more right-wing oriented programming. False conflicts are part of that pattern and this 'pilot' is a prime example of their attempt to replace facts and data with FUD and demonstrably false reporting.

Bob Wilson

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