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Lots of Questions
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Pet Peeve: Bad Parking

One of my biggest pet peeves is when somebody can't park properly, especially when there is no reason preventing them from doing so.

Got to the store the other day and found this across the row of cars.

I mean really?

Does anybody else have this pet peeve?

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Not Doug
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Sometimes it is an excessively expensive car and it seems that the parking job matches the ego. I like it when they park at or close to the line on the driver's side, but there happens to be a spot open on that side. I just park correctly and if they cannot open their driver's door, hey, I am perfectly centered!
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Bad Parking


Leave them one of these next time...

The "I hope you don't **** like you park" parking ticket

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join yoi on bad parking. how does a smart car take up four parking spaces. my motorhome is 21ft long and have to use two spaces in UK parking spots. also i cannot use multi story carparks so when i go on trips need to check parking avaliabily for my destnations. some places in south of england if a motorhome takes up two spaces then you have to buy two tickets one for each space. idiot in smart car only needs one ticket. go figure.
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The Dirty330 Modder
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i find this a lot at school its typically nice cars or girls that took 10 min to park that way in the first place i gotta admit I've watched a few girls do this its funny until you realize they blocked the spot you wanted

"The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing."
- Henry Ford
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Master EcoModder
Join Date: Nov 2013
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beastie - '89 toyota hilux dolphin motorhome

Puggie - '98 Peugeot 406 Lx
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in photo at top of forum if they parked like that in london some would use their car to shunt other car over the line so they could park in space next to it. explains all minor dings on london cars. to me bsd parking is a sign of rudeness and igeronce to fellow car drivers.
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Plugging In FTW
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When I'm in the Festiva and somebody parks like that, I carefully pull my car in next to theirs about two inches away from their driver side door. I leave a note on their windshield "enjoy getting in on the passenger side, jackass"
Then I take a pic of their license plate before I go into the store in case they decide to pay me back.
Natural born assholes CAN be re-trained, but it takes collective effort, so who's with me?
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Ecky (07-19-2015)
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You can't even imagine the mess the lots become in winter when snow obscures the lines. People... REALLY?!?

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Hehe, when I lived near Tyson's Corner west of DC, the apartment complex was very old and they had one designated parking place per apartment. Come home after midnight and you got to walk .5 mile to your apartment.

A group of 4 men parked their Oldsmobile taking up two full spaces at a 45 degree angle. I was sitting in my living room when I saw them park and walk around the building across the street.

My buddy and myself got up, walked over to their car and lifted-dragged the rear end around so it was parked perfectly in one spot with the other one clear.

The we sat back and watched the 4 guys when they came out and saw the car had been moved. The poor idiots walked around that car at least 4 times. I guess they were looking for damage. After a few minutes of delightful bewilderment they got in their car and left.

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Master EcoModder
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When there is snow covering the lines at my school, there will be cars all over the damn place. Cars will park 3 or 4 cars deep and onetime my row even got locked in on both ends so I was stuck driving in the middle trying to find a way out. Luckily the Geo is so small I could squeeze out.

Graduate Aerospace Engineering student at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. I drive a 1993 2-door 3/5 Geo Metro XFi and a 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage DE hatchback.
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