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mechman600 07-05-2012 02:08 AM

Project: The Electric Booger (budget EV conversion - '92 Mazda MX-3)
It has officially begun. Today I commandeered the wife's parking spot in the garage to officially begin ripping and tearing.

To clear things up, it is a 1992 Mazda MX-3 Precidia. Booger green. The plan is to build an ultra-low budget EV, using cheapness to my advantage. Much inspiration from the ForkenSwift and ElectroMetro:

For the main bits so far, I have a 72V SePex motor (6.5"X18"), Alltrax 72V (450A) controller and 13 free lead acid battery cores from work, among other things of course.
My parts collecting thread is here:

My conversion blog is here: Project: Electric Booger

Can you count the missing pieces so far?

With a baby due in a few weeks and my obsession with motorcycling (and the currently beautiful weather these days), it may be a slow go, but I will be sure to post here. I owe it to the EVers in this forum that provided so much inspiration.

Here are links to highlights of this thread

Motor/Transmission adapter complete:
Motor/Transmission installed, front battery racks:
Rear battery racks:
First commute in the Electric Booger:
Commuting to work video:
New Battery Pack:
PWM field controller installed:
Final charging solution:
TO DO List after one year:

euromodder 07-05-2012 07:17 AM

Good luck with the build !

3n3rgystar 07-05-2012 08:07 AM

LOL, nice name and you already got alot parts ahead in the game!

mechman600 07-12-2012 02:21 AM

The ICE is out.

I thought I would need to borrow an engine lift, but it turns out this one goes out through the bottom. Do you think my car lift would be safety approved?
Didn't think so.:)

FXSTi 07-12-2012 07:03 PM


Originally Posted by mechman600 (Post 316598)
Do you think my car lift would be safety approved?

OSHA is a small town in Wisconsin.

ron 07-12-2012 10:44 PM

4x4s are rated I think. it also helps to have a large set of wrenches

UFO 07-13-2012 11:45 AM

Yikes! Don't get underneath that, even with the engine out it will hurt if it falls on you. Good luck with the build.

mechman600 07-18-2012 11:50 PM

The other day I hauled the transmission, electric motor and chunk of aluminum to work, where the mating of the motor and transmission will take place. The transmission was absolutely filthy from an engine oil leak and took a good 15 minutes of steam cleaning to get it spotless.

Today I started work on adapting everything together. First off, I am mating the transmission to the keyed shaft side of the motor. Originally this motor was coupled on the opposite end where there is still a gear on the end of the shaft. Unfortunately, the opposite end (the end I want to couple to) has only three 5/16" threaded holes to mount the motor. You can see the three tiny holes around the edge of the motor face.
Not strong enough. I usually prefer overkill. So today I performed some precise measurements and drilled three 21/64" holes into [what I figured was] the thickest part of the face approximately 5/8" deep. Turns out I was right, as I did not go through the motor face anywhere (and get aluminum filings inside the motor). I tapped the holes 10mmX1.5 and made up three short studs.
Studs are the strongest when torquing into aluminum. I will Loctite the studs into the motor face and torque it up to the adapter plate with nuts. Metal on metal instead of torquing into aluminum.

mechman600 07-18-2012 11:57 PM


Originally Posted by 3n3rgystar (Post 315394)
LOL, nice name and you already got alot parts ahead in the game!

Yeah, the only thing I am missing is a proper vacuum pump system for the brakes and the potentiometer for the throttle.

Anybody want to donate parts? HA!

mechman600 07-23-2012 02:23 AM

Well, three days ago my wife gave birth to our second child, another girl. So a week off work for me, helping around the house, keeping things under control (as much as possible, anyway....). Surprisingly enough, I have been able to get into the garage to tear apart the Booger some more.

First off, the exhaust system: gone. That was easy. Like....five minutes. A few bolts and a bunch of rubber hangers. That's it.

Secondly, the gas tank: gone. Less easy. But it is official that this car will never ever consume petroleum again. No turning back now.

My boss is building a Miata powered Caterham from scratch and wants the fuel pump, so that will be my first parts sale from this thing, even if it's only for a box of beer. Unfortunately the engine has 280K km on it, so I doubt there will be any takers on that.

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