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Old 06-01-2014, 11:13 AM   #21 (permalink)
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Chief - '06 Pontiac Grand Prix
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Originally Posted by mrmojo View Post
How does load help? I've also read about throttle position (TPS), but again, my ignorance comes to the front of the line.
It's all about what works for you. Try them both.

Originally Posted by mrmojo View Post
Why would Android take a bite out of business? Is there an app? Does someone make a connector cable? Tell me more, tell me more!
Just one example.



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What brake pedal?
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Originally Posted by mrmojo View Post
5. Overall, I'm happy with having feedback and a tach (finally!), but if I can't get some real accurate data from it, I might sell it and buy the SG instead.
I started with the SG, but couldn't resist the Ultragauge for 50.00 plus shipping in a Group Buy. While I was very happy with the SG, I now prefer the UG. The biggest plus for me was being able to calibrate on the fly instead of having to wait for a tank fill. The UG has been very close already on the first 2 fills. I believe I have the same engine as your 02 Prism.

1st fill-UG-43.7 / Actual-43.7
2nd fill-UG-43.9 / Actual-44.2

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coasting for distance vs cruise control

Originally Posted by jeff88 View Post
of the people who change their habits using any gauge (UG/SG), I will probably be one who will benefit the least, at least in terms of MPG increase. I already drive pretty conservatively, rarely slamming the accelerator, using cruise control almost every chance I get (yes, even to go a few hundred feet! ), rarely speed over 65 on the highway, etc. All this (I think) is stuff people realize they need to do after they install a gauge, but since I already do it, I won't see much gain.
Cruise control is inefficient because (1) you're never coasting at high mpg for distance, and (2) you're never pulsing back up to speed. The better your coast distance (& mpg) for a given pulse, the higher your mileage.

Originally Posted by Gealii View Post
You can change the settings on the ultragauge where it wont shut off with the key or have a delayed action to shutting off
What section of the manual is this in?
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Old 06-02-2014, 12:31 PM   #24 (permalink)
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Marilyn - '02 Chevrolet Prizm Base
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Originally Posted by johnlvs2run View Post
Originally Posted by Gealii View Post
You can change the settings on the ultragauge where it wont shut off with the key or have a delayed action to shutting off
What section of the manual is this in?
I think the part about the UG not turning off is in the UltraGauge Setup > Compatibility section; Bat Hi Threshold, Bat Low Threshold, Power On Threshold, and Power off Detect sections indicate that there is a low-power sleep mode the UG goes into.
I, for one, find it confusing and haven't quite got it sorted.
Re: the delayed shutoff, I haven't read where that is mentioned at all. But it would be nice to have.

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Old 06-03-2014, 12:04 AM   #25 (permalink)
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don't use the UG for mpg figures. only way is by gallons/miles. mine might show avg mpg '59' but when calculated comes out more. mph is different on mine and i would drive myself crazy to figure out which was closer; speedo, gps or UG. now i don't care. i set my cruise to 2000 rpm and roll with it. but i will adjust speeds if there is a head wind, rain or a rough surface asphalt road. i have mine mounted to my ac vents, soldered heavy copper wire together, bent to shape, covered some of it with shrink tubing, this way i can reach the back buttons without having to remove the gauge.

FOR SALE: 02 TDI Jetta- 5 sp: Cooper CS5 at 50 psi, UltraGauge, ventectomy, rear air shocks, mufflerectomy, LED plate light, upper fiberglass grille block, front lower pan, front fairing.
93 Chevy CrewCab 6.5 TurboDiesel, GearVendor OverDrive, 4L80 w/ TCI controls. Now DailyDriver

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