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Any thoughts on Ad ID 1344272133 (still cant link) its ~ $7000 ? I kinda love the Mirage, and its wonderful Mitsubishi has made such an affordable car.

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Civic DX (sold) - '97 Honda Civic DX
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What will your driving be like? While the Prius is a fine car that will return better MPGs than 99% of the competition, they can be a little spendy to maintain if you're unlucky and can't fix it yourself.

edit: unlucky, not unlike
Current cars:

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I'm pretty handy, did machining many years back, but not trained as mechanic. Comfortable enough with oil exchanges, brakes etc, but have much theoretical knowledge instead of experience. Since I haven't driven through my 20's I and only recently reacquired a non-expired license, I have no idea what my driving will be like apart from sporadic camping trips and sub 40km commutes to work :P

Wanted to do a ben nelson style EV for many years, if i could afford a Leaf/Prius new I would grab one. I suspect I will just keep looking, doing my research. The family car is a manual Jetta TDI (2006) and before that I learned on a Jetta we bought in '85, so I'm comfortable with diesels .

Thanks for the replies gents
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Twice the price as the green one, for 14,000 fewer km? Makes the green one look even more enticing.
Latest mods test: 15 mods = 15% MPG improvement: A-B test, 2007 Honda Civic 1.8L, 5-speed
Ecodriving test:
Manual vs. automatic transmission MPG showdown: Nissan Micra 1.6L

has launched a forum for the efficient new Mitsubishi Mirage
www.MetroMPG.com - fuel efficiency info for Geo Metro owners
www.ForkenSwift.com - electric car conversion on a beer budget
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no nickname , it's just a car - '04 volkswagen golf tdi
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2002 prius 50k miles

i recently bought a 2002 prius with 50200 miles ,
it had no faults in any system and no warning lights for anything
passed NYS safety and emissions inspections

was good for 100 miles
several cells in the battery began reporting uneven voltage at rest values , greater than 300mv difference
and the one internal harness was bad reporting 0 volts on cel 12 which did not agree with measured value
remove battery , disassemble the harnesses and replace the harness with the sensing wires $169.oo from toyota , charged the lowest cell in the pac at regulated 100ma 8v untill it held about 7.5 volts like the rest , reassemble
back into the car , good for 25 miles and battery cooling fan goes to MAX , battery discharges on the 5 miles to home .... HV ECM reporting all temp values at -40c when everything is connected ..... pronounce HV ECM and the battery assembly .
generic "obd2 scan reader " will NOT reveal contents of HV system(s)
( i should add here that i am certified by VW to repair their HV Hybrid products and have scopes and DVOMs and scan tools to fuss with this )
remove condemned HV battery assembly
new reman battery from greentec with gen 3 cels 90 minutes to drive to pick it up x2 .... install that battery and
from "new" KOEO we have p3009 HV leak somewhere , since it sets KOEO
KOEO = key on engine off

it is the battery as nothing else is in the HV circuit until engine start .... some drama explaining to greentec that their internally dust coated ? HV battery had an HV leak , in the end they stood behind their product and , remove KAKA battery , back to NJ x2 90 minutes each way .... install battery 2 from geentec and all is well ,
total into the car so far = about $3800.oo not counting my time

AC is intermittent ...when it fails .... blinking green on AC button .... so more drama to follow ..... BUT battery and drivetrain are now happy
was it worth it ?
imho ,
the car is clean and i had some 15" 4x100 steel wheels for a yaris that had tires i bought for the now retired geo metro
which bolt right up and 195 60 15 tires fit in the wheel wells ... so far ...
this is a huge improvement , the green graphs are showing many of the recorded segments are well over 50 mpg .... to early to tell what recorded values will show ....

the original 14" 175 65 14 tires / wheels are pathetic and very scary to drive
at any speed on a twisty road ....

having said this
my VW TDi is a much better car .... my wife likes the prius ..... i like the TDi

i have been working on AC systems much longer than Hybrid systems
whats the worse thing it can be ? life is no good without some drama

use a 2x8 when removing battery , through the trunk , no heavy lifting inside the car
just drag battery up the 2x8

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