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Daox 02-06-2009 05:21 PM

VOTE! January Mod of the Month
Vote for modification of the month!

In no particular order, here are the links to the projects:
The poll will be open for one week and will then be closed.

MetroMPG 02-06-2009 05:48 PM

Man, this is difficult. It was so hard to pick just one.

(Complete opposite of political voting, where you hold your nose and just choose the least repulsive!)

Mine doesn't deserve to be on the list. I only ever finished the driver's side skirt before winter hit! :D

TomO 02-07-2009 11:16 AM

I didn't even vote for my clear Kammbach, lol.

Not a worthy thought compared to the benefit of dcb (and company) for their work with the MPGuino.

Tango Charlie 02-07-2009 12:28 PM

Wow, that is a hard list to choose from. I went with the Aerocivic because of its iconic status here on ecomodder. The MPGuino, Jo's cruise control, and the Electro Metro are also worthy contenders. Good job to all the nominees!

NachtRitter 02-07-2009 02:18 PM

Very very difficult... :(

TestDrive 02-07-2009 03:00 PM

They're all deserving projects, but I voted for Basjoos' Aerocivic. As Tango Charlie said, it's iconic here.

Matt Herring 02-07-2009 06:58 PM

Wow...this is like choosing which of your kids you like the most...impossible!

I decided to go with dcb's MPGuino because I think it has the widest reach and impact for everyday drivers. While drivers might be inclined to mimic the other nominees work I thought dcb's project had the potential to influence the mass market of drivers. That being said, some of the other nominees might attain higher % increases with their physical vehicle mods.

In no way does this diminish the other modders work...all incredible projects and worthy recipients of the award! I think if you pared the list down by 1 each month all of them would win over the course of a year!

gascort 02-07-2009 07:06 PM

Great work to all; I like this idea - I found a couple threads I had missed somehow, and really enjoyed seeing the mods, like TomO's clear Kamm - I'm on board for it.

Another vote for dcb's work for being awesome + the most influential; the open source nature of it is a gift of his time and skills to anyone, anywhere.

2003protege 02-07-2009 10:58 PM

wow, hard choice. Almost voted for the mpguino, but had to give it to basjoos.

The mpguino won't inherently save you fuel, although it offers a larger percentage improvement for an average driver, but you can't help but save fuel with the aerocivic.

Both ideas are things that auto makers really need to be looking at. Good job to all!

groar 02-08-2009 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by Daox (Post 86741)
Vote for modification of the month!

All these projects do merit to be a mod of the month, so congrats to all the nominees.

As this is the first vote I interpret it as a vote for the best project up to now. I hesitated between the MPGuino and the Aerocivic. The MPG sensible cruise control and the electric projects were very close to the short list as they represent the future. If instrumentation has a big importance in saving gas and I do love Open Source, aeromod has the property to be driver independent so I voted for Basjoos.


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