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Old 06-19-2009, 08:14 PM   #1 (permalink)
Master EcoModder
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The Guzzler - '08 Hyundai Elantra GL
90 day: 33.12 mpg (US)

Got Soul? - '11 Kia Soul 2U
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What are your top 10 fuel economy tips?

I am currently writing an article about fuel economy tips and I wanted to touch base with the community to see what your top 10 tips are.

So, which tips do you think deserve a spot in the top 10?




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Master EcoModder
Join Date: May 2009
Location: New Jersey
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2003 Ninja EX250 - '03 Kawasaki Ninja EX250
90 day: 78.57 mpg (US)

Saturn - '99 Saturn SL1 Base
90 day: 47.27 mpg (US)
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Not in any particular order.

Reducing speed (not exceeding 55-60mph)
"Driving without brakes"
Maximum tire pressure
Engine Off Coasting
Pulse and Glide
Maintaining proper tune-up.
Driving smaller vehicles (just enough to satisfy your trip)
Driving less powerful vehicles
Smart trip planning (least amount of stops)
Tracking MPG average tank by tank.
Doing my part to reduce dependence on OIL
Doing my part to reduce congestion
And enjoying it!

If you have to use your brakes, you are driving too fast!

My 101.5 MPG 2003 Kawasaki Ninja 250

Crude Oil Price Today
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Master EcoModder
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Maverick - '22 Ford Maverick XLT
90 day: 45.86 mpg (US)
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I'd say this is kind of in order, but I think of it all as one thing, not 10 separate things to do.
  1. FE Instrumentation
  2. Drive slower (Use the speed limit as an actual limit)
  3. Tire pressure
  4. Stop sign/light planning, or driving without brakes
  5. Drive in the highest gear possible
  6. P&G
  7. EOC
  8. Route planning
  9. Get rid of useless weight in the car
  10. Basic aero-modding (grille block)
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EcoModding Lurker
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Location: Minnesota
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Vibe - '07 Pontiac Vibe
90 day: 47.11 mpg (US)
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0 Learn as much as you can about your can and FE driving.
1 Drive as if your brakes don't work
2 avoid the need for stopping - adjust your speed to avoid red lights
3 don't speed
4 tires to tire listed max
5 hang time - once at speed back off as much as you can and still keep your speed
6 keep RPM's low (not so low that the engine lugs down)
7 plan your trips
8 avoid idling more than a few seconds
9 don't idle the car to warm it up, drive it to warm it up.
10 FE instrumentation

Note: 1-9 can be done with out instrumentation but you will have quicker and greater success with instrumentation. I listed instrumentation last even though it should be higher on the list as it is not Free.
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Old 06-19-2009, 09:56 PM   #5 (permalink)
EcoModding Lurker
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Here are my biggest four, in order of importance.

1. Don't drive (bikes are far more fun and just as fast for ~2 mile trips).

2. Track your mileage when you *do* drive (knowledge is power).

3. Get into third gear as quickly as safely possible in city driving.

4. Keep just above your highest gear in highway driving.
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Old 06-23-2009, 12:43 PM   #6 (permalink)
EcoModding Wanabe
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Location: Wake Forest, NC
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Red Rocket - '08 Toyota Yaris
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These are for everyone who drives. Nothing difficult, drastic or scary about any of these:

- SLOW DOWN - Drive the speed limit or less depending on road conditions.
- Anticipate traffic. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle ahead, do not tailgate.
- Keep your vehicle in mechanically proper condition
- Properly inflate tires to sidewall pressure on tire, Not the door placard pressure. (I always thought this was a no-brainer. How would the door placard know what kind of tires you have anyway???)
- Plan trips. Do not make random runs to stores, plan a round trip to all the places you need to go.
- Plan not to drive at least one day a week.
- Just park and walk to the store don’t circle the parking lot looking for the closest spot.

For others who actually want to try for good mileage and are a bit more daring:

- FAS up to lights and stop signs
- Fuel economy instrumentation
- Warm-up driving not idling
- P&G
- Vehicle aero modifications
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Old 06-23-2009, 02:41 PM   #7 (permalink)
Master EcoModder
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  1. Fix yo junk.
  2. 0w20 synthetic
  3. clean out your damn car, and lose that gut on your body too
  4. skinny tires, foo!
  5. GTFO my way when you're driving slow, so I don't have to waste gas driving around your slow ass going 10 under the limit in the fast lane
  6. windows down, ac off can be damn enjoyable when it's not super hot out
  7. belly pan that mofo, but give the motor some breathing room. hot engine compartments just destroy hoses, belts, and lubricants faster and don't do you any favors.
  8. convert your junk to e85, it's less miles per gallon of FUEL, but way more miles per gallon of GAS - ethanol's cleaner and renewabler.
  9. park your car and walk your chunky ass into the restaurant instead of idling in the drive through line
  10. quit driving so damn slow, you won't get any better miles per gallon at 35 than at 45 in a modern car, and at 45 you spend less minutes on the road, burning fuel and delaying everyone. On flat ground my 4.3L 4x4 truck gets its best miles per gallon at 55-60mph
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Old 06-30-2009, 01:15 AM   #8 (permalink)
Mechanical engineer
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Join Date: Jan 2009
Location: Kitee (Finland)
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Siitin - '98 Seat Cordoba Vario
90 day: 58.56 mpg (US)

VW Lupo 3L --> 2L - '00 VolksWagen Lupo 3L
90 day: 104.94 mpg (US)

A8 luxury fuel sipper - '97 Audi A8 1.2 TDI 6 speed manual
90 day: 64.64 mpg (US)

Audi A4B6 Avant Niistäjä - '02 Audi A4b6 1.9tdi 96kW 3L
90 day: 54.57 mpg (US)

Tourekki - '04 VW Touareg 2.5TDI R5 6 speed manual
90 day: 32.98 mpg (US)

A2 1.4TDI - '03 Audi A2 1.4 TDI
90 day: 45.68 mpg (US)

A2 1.4 LPG - '02 Audi A2 1.4 (75hp)
90 day: 24.67 mpg (US)
Thanks: 246
Thanked 770 Times in 369 Posts
- Pump up your tires to max sidewall
- change good oils to your car engine and transmission 0W is the best for engine.
- P&G
- ligthen up your car
- Bellypan
- rear wheel skirts
- other aero mods
- Scangauge
- Choose your "tank" max speed limit (and stick to it ) and see how it affects to your tank consumtion.

I noticed that when already driven 900 km in a tank and the consumtion was 3.0l/100km my max trip cruising speed was 65 mph. When I drove 75kilometers at the speed of 125-130 km/h the tank sonsumption rose to 3.2 l/100km and only in that short distance and that long distance already driven!.

So the point is that you can ruin your tank consumtion in very short period of "high" speed driving.
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Old 07-07-2009, 07:58 AM   #9 (permalink)
Master EcoModder
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Location: UK
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Chug - '96 Volkswagon Polo CL
90 day: 49.42 mpg (US)

L'Autre - '03 Renault Megane Sport Tourer Expression
90 day: 45.02 mpg (US)
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1.Look far ahead when drivng
2.anticipate others driving badly around you and leave room
3. Beat you tanks' maximum range -then make it a game!
4.drive at a constant speed (if not attempting P&G or DWL)
5.look through corners and turn in once - don't turn a curve into a hexagon's edge
6.shift early and listen for laboring 9change down if it is)
7.Check your alignment and pressures
8.get you car serviced regularly
9.Lose weight (car and you)
10.cycle or walk
good things come to those who wait, sh*t turns up pretty much instantly

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Harebrained Idea Skeptic
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The White Car - '84 Mercedes-Benz 300td
90 day: 28.84 mpg (US)

The Blue Car - '86 BMW 535i
Last 3: 23.86 mpg (US)
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My main two (sorry, not ten):

1) Leave earlier in the morning to beat the rush hour stop-and-go traffic. Drastically fewer stops and a shorter trip time even when driving more slowly than normal.

2) Learn reference points far enough from lights so you can time them easily. There's one light I can see about a mile away when I come under a bridge: a) If it's red when I come under the bridge and there are at least five cars stopped, I go 5 mph over the limit, b) if it's red and there are no cars stopped (i.e. it just turned red), I do the speed limit, c) if it's green, I go 5 mph under the limit. Unless there's interference from other cars, I can get through on green.


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