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WHERE are we all!?

Is there a way that we can add a map feature to our user profile, or in some other way graphically identify where we physically are?

I know that already we have a little location in our by-line, but I was wondering if there was some sort of map or something, it could help us all out.

You could go on the map page and see that USERXYZ only lives 20 miles from you and you could get together to work on projects.

For Example - something like what AUSTINEV uses.


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Nomadic Chicken
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* Created with GoogleMapAPI 1.4
* Author: Monte Ohrt <monte AT ohrt DOT com>
* Copyright 2005 New Digital Group
* http://www.phpinsider.com/php/code/GoogleMapAPI/

LINK: Google Maps API Tutorial

everything needed is either there or links to there.
This site has to sign up for an API Key, but everything looks free.

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Nomadic Chicken
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I found a site that appears to provide free map services.
Take a look at it. easy setup, cut/paste code where you want it.

The map could be put in the user's CP to prevent visitors from accessing it and to allow only forum registered users to view it.

no development necessary.
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Another question is Where WILL you be, on July 4, 2008. I'll be at the ZEV INDEPENDENCE FROM OIL RALLY

Here's the flier:

What are you doing on the 4th of July?

We're building a human chain to fight against Global Warming.

We are lining up on the SIDELINES of the following Interstates
I-5,I-15, I-25, I-35, I-55, I-75, I-95, I-90, I-94, I-80, I-40, and I-10.

Don't let big businesses fool you. This is AMERICA and one thing we do well is INVENT things.

There are numerous energy saving and pollution solving ideas available that could be put in to place RIGHT NOW. Businesses are stalling and we're not going to take it anymore.

So now that we know "WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR", we're heading to the highways to say BRING BACK The Electric Car, and comply with California's Zero Emissions Mandate of 1990!!

Just think, things could've changed almost 10 years ago.

It doesn't take that long to change. When your boss says from now on if you're five minutes late from lunch you'll be written up, what happens? CHANGE that's what.

S. David Freeman, former Chairman of the Board of the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Energy Adviser of the Carter Administration said
"It took a law to get seat belts in cars.
It took a law to get airbags in cars.
It took a law to get efficiency from 12mpg to 20mpg
It took a law to get catalytic converters..."

Well let's go get us a LAW Vehicles that spew Greenhouse gases are to be illegal by 2020.

SO everybody warm up your "Electric Slide" skills and "head on down the highway"

for more info:



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Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
I found a site that appears to provide free map services.
I joined frappr a few years ago, and I just went there to see if an ecomodder map has been set up. Although I have at least 40 maps and several slide shows, comments, photos on frappr; I have no idea what I am doing - but it usually works. May be a great idea!


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