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Sure, the shady used car dealer or that go-fast kid on the corner might've convinced you that giant rear wings are good for downforce, but in reality, most are merely a cosmetic addition that at highway speeds add more drag than anything.

The vehicle pictured here has a spoiler, not a rear wing. Care should be taken in identifying rear wings and differentiating them from spoilers. The two are very different in appearance and intended function.

A wing is typically a very large contraption that sits on the rear of rice rockets and Formula 1 cars. While it is an aerodynamic mod, it aids in creating downforce and thus can improve handling at high speed where fuel economy is not the first priority. It also creates effeciency killing drag at typical highway speeds.

A spoiler is usually much smaller and probably made of fiberglass - this is what's shown in the picture above and what's on the back of your stock Honda. They exist to aid in flow attachment to the rear of the vehicle and reduce the amount of turbulence in the vehicle's wake. Many are intended to reduce your drag coeffecient and thus improve fuel economy. Some are simply cosmetic, or poorly designed and should probably then be removed.

That said, not all designs are equal, and it isn't always obvious whether a wing or spoiler is a help or a hindrance. See this thread for discussion How to decide whether to remove rear spoiler to decrease drag, improve mileage

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Removing a well designed rear wing will reduce vehicle stability and handling at high speeds. Removing a well designed spoiler will increase drag and reduce fuel effeciency at all speeds.


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