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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Were you able to use the information from the test to find the cars new Cd, or will that have to wait ?
I only did constant speed testing, so it'll have to wait.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Why cover up the sides of the tail lights? ... or you're using your OE tail lights with an extension harness?
Nerys was right: the lights weren't covered, the OE harness was extended to mount them on the end of the tail. EG: see pics in post 10.

Originally Posted by Cd View Post
And you ( of coarse ) accounted for the weight difference right ?

What is the weight of the 'tail anyways ?
Nope! Which means ... the boat tail is slightly more effective than the ABA runs indicate. I figure it weighs in the 10-15 lbs range.

Originally Posted by thatguitarguy View Post
If you're talking about Darin's experimental design, I think that in heavy crosswinds, it would tear itself free of the vehicle (creating another set of problems), or at least partially collapse.
It would have to be a seriously strong crosswind (talking storm force). This thing is remarkably secure on the car - I've demo'd this to several skeptical observers by grabbing hold at the rear and wrenching the whole car side to side & up and down using the tail as the lever.

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
a well-aimed gust could be sufficient to force the tail down
You're describing downforce on the tail. I'd expect lift on the rear wheels and increased pressure on the fronts, if anything. Have a looksee at the cross-sectional shape a few posts up where you can see its outline detached from the car.

Originally Posted by theycallmeebryan View Post
I'd assume the "B" tests were done with the Kamm spoiler on the car, and the "A" tests were with the boat tail (And both had your belly pan)
Right. The only thing changed between A & B runs was the boat tail. The full undertray was in place for the B runs.

FYI, the incomplete A-B testing (at the same speed) of the Kammback suggested it was good for a 4.9% improvement over stock.
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