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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Take 'n' bake pizza seems to be a common theme
Said the guy who drives the "electric umbrella" to get take-out!

I admit. I like pizza.
Where I live, the take and bake place is the best compromise of price/convenience/taste.

In all seriousness, transportation, food, and waste are all directly connected. It's what? 1500 miles or so that the average American food travels before you eat it?
When you think of physical pollution, what do you think of? Birds with their head's stuck in six-pack soda/beer rings? Birds doused in oil from an oil spill? Aluminum can's and fast food drink cups on the side of the road?

We invented the car, the fast food restaurant, the drive-in movie theater, the Chinese takeout container, and the suburb.

Now we have to find a way to deal with that culture that we created. It's FAR too easy to just keep doing things the way that we do. It's SO CONVENIENT! It's SO EASY. Unfortunately we just ship our waste off, never to be seen again. Out of site, out of mind.

In the background, landfills fill up, garbage scows dump waste in the ocean. Coal miner's die every day, because we leave the TV on while we aren't even watching it.

ARRRGgg! I digress and have gone negative. But that's not all bad. When we SEE the bad things, we can think about it. We can CHANGE the bad things that we don't want any more. As long as we are AWAKE, instead of sleep-walking through life, simply accepting all things without question.

Anyone ever see the movie, THEY LIVE ?
It's a terrible B-movie, but with a great concept. Our hero finds a pair of sunglasses. When he puts them on, he sees the world as it actually is. Billboards simply say CONSUME. He sees that the rich and powerful are actually ugly aliens in charge of the place.

There are days where I feel like the guy wearing the sunglasses. Like I'm the ONLY guy wearing the sunglasses.
And I gotta do something about it. Gotta Gotta Gotta do something.

How'd all this start? Oh yeah. Pizza.
See - Most people just see a pizza. I see a hundred million empty pizza boxes going into a land-fill.

Well, at least tonight, there was one less.

That's a start.
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