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Originally Posted by dakota1820 View Post
What confuses me is the two opening the resonator and the opening to suck air.
the resonator should have one push pin in it that holds the resonator to the upper radiator support. once you remove the push pin, the part of the resonator going into the air box is just a round tube that will slide out. once you have the resonator removed you can block off the existing air inlet, one right behind the headlight. now you will be pulling all your air through the hole on the lower passenger side of the airbox, which would already be slightly warmer. from this point its up to you to fabricate some tubing to feed air from near the exhaust manifold to that hole on the airbox.

i've personally HAD a hot air intake on mine. when built to pull significant heat at highway speeds / air consumption, after the car was warmed up and i get stuck idling in traffic the car ran very poorly. so i've removed mine until i make some sort valve to be able to change my air intake source.
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