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Chorizo repair thread (2000 black Honda Civic HX)

Is this the right section? I see here, but in EcoModding Central!

I finally have the time and money to take care of non-essential problems with my car, so I went through all of my old threads to figure out what I have done and what is unresolved.

Thank you so much for putting up with me! I would especially like to thank user removed. I hope he is doing well, wherever he is!

Yes I can, but I still have not found a satisfying way to attach them.

I had a check engine light, but since it did not say “CHECK ENGINE’ like in my Forester, I somehow thought it was a “check transmission” light, which is only part of the embarrassment. I was horribly busy and stressed with school and drill. It idled rough, I had my girlfriend replace the spark plugs and wires (because it was easy), and then I used Seafoam, which finally worked:

We had talked about securing a removable boat tail with a bike rack, but I bought the wrong one:


The first time I changed my oil I discovered the bolt was stripped, so I replaced the pan, but there was a stuck bolt in a very difficult spot. There were some other issues with my car, too.

2014-05-16 Yes

My driver’s door lock came loose, I thought I fixed it, but a week later it happened again. I paid a mechanic to fix it.

I needed to replace my alternator (bad voltage regulator) and decided to delete my power steering.


I deleted my power steering.

Aerohead wrote it takes twenty-two miles to warm up everything in a car.

I had a shop pull vacuum and charge the AC, but they did not notice a bad valve, which the next mechanic replaced, and added refrigerant, but he said I also had a bad expansion valve.

The compressor, receiver\dryer, and expansion valve.

Yes, but it was already ruined. Cover your car with white Plasti-Dip.

I attempted wheel covers.

I decided to set up a dash cam.

If replacing the O2 sensor does not work, it may be the $1000 ECU!

I found someone selling the $400 O2 sensor for $175. It works well enough, but not necessarily better than the old one.

I tried to improve the wheel covers.

I had a bad voltage regulator, so I bought a new alternator from Napa, which had a sleeve installed backward, and did not fit without sawing off a corner.

I needed to replace my timing belt, but did not want a seven-hour job to take seven days, because I kept finding some part or tool I needed, that nobody had mentioned. I ended up having a shop do it for me for $865.94. I was not satisfied with the service, but the work itself seemed good.

I left my dome light on during annual training, my battery died, one Sergeant could not jump it, but another later did. Afterward I replaced the bulb with an LED, but double-check it is off when I leave my car park for extended periods of time.

I try to maintain 55 MPH in my HX and average 45 MPG. Slambo wrote he drives 55-60 and gets 45; Balto wrote he drove 65 and got 45.

I finally got around to trying to figure out automatic grill shutters, but later had my car start overheating climbing a mountain (at 55 MPH or less) and decided I sometimes needed a larger opening, while the open shutters would have actually restricted about 50% of the vent.

We figured out which light bulbs went where on the 1996-200 Civic.

Apparently I fixed this, but I do not have any idea how!

Someone backed into my car on Veterans’ Day and I had difficulty removing my bumper to pop out the dent. I eventually got it, put it face down on concrete, used my heat ray and sledge hammer and popped it out decently, but scratched the plastic on the concrete! I just needed to put down a towel!

I let the oil get so low I had a CEL!

I had a CEL for low EGR flow and cleaned the passages. By the time I started removing the hardest carbon, it started damaging the metal gasket, so I needed to order (and wait for) a replacement. However, the EGR valve gasket requires replacement, but it only costs $3-7.

I found the cable for my power steering.

I turned off my engine at a railroad crossing, but kept my lights on, and killed the battery. Costco replaced it for free one week later.
Over a year ago, someone put a card in my window, which was pulled inside. My window would not roll all of the way up afterwards and became worse over time. I took apart the door, removed the card, but could not see the problem. I lubricated the channels (everyone says to use silicone, but the guy at O'Reilly's insisted I needed white lithium) and then removed the window regulator. Teeth were definitely worn down, so I replaced it. I did not like using an Autozone part, but it was a fraction of the price of an OEM one, only $30.26 with tax, but seemed equally sturdy.

It seems like my brakes are intermittently dragging. I took it to my friendly neighborhood mechanic and they could not find a problem, although they said I needed to replace my brakes in five thousand miles. What is that in ecomodder miles? That was almost two weeks ago and I have driven nearly 1,500 miles. The sound went away, but is slowly returning.

Current issues (to be edited)
Brake clips?
Cigarette lighter. It looks like the previous owner replaced it. The fuse is fine. My stereo has USB in, but it keeps trying to read music off of my phone. I bought this:, but after four or five months my stereo started trying to read music again. Curiously, the cable that came with the phone worked perfectly--for about a month. Of course, my car gets so hot now the phone turns off.
My car is black! It was 115 here yesterday! That is 46C! 319K! I am trying to find a place to Plasti-Dip my car. I do not have a respirator, compressor, or anything else, so I figure the price may be similar, but it would look better, but I have only found two in the Phoenix area! I know a guy that buys cars at auction and sells them at a small dealership. I am curious what he could say about a decent paint shop. He has offered to take me to an auction. I also found a clean silver 1998 Accord on Craigslist for $1950. I want to look at it, but I do not want to deal with 22/27!
Air dam: Reinforce it and bell-mouth the opening.
Have a mechanic check

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