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Originally Posted by aerohead View Post
I agree with what you say,but there's a context,only in which your values would have merit,with caveats and conditions.
The well-to-wheels cost of fuel was on the order of $15 /gallon.Since the 'externalities' weren't reflected at the pump there was an illusion of cheap oil.From the song lyric "from the shores of Tripoli" there's a message.
Cheap oil was a $2.90/Barrel wellhead price for West Texas intermediate crude,on October 22,1973.Saudi Arabia's wellhead price was $0.25/barrel.Gasoline in my hometown was selling at $0.25/gallon.On the next day it changed forever.
I'm an Oklahoma oil producer,and I'm receiving $70/Barrel today,from wells which were producing for the family in 1973 and before.I don't lift a finger for it.
Solar would have (and is) a bargain.That's coming from a 'oil man.'
As to green lust:
Man is combusting hydrocarbons in volumes equal to a 100-year-old Oak forest,forest fire,equal in surface area to the entire surface of Earth,every 7-months.We burned 30,000 years worth of forest since 1850.
The folks who pay attention to such things find this a bit disconcerting and have made solid causal links to global warming,something they see no good in.
Conservation measures between 1973 and 1985 increased GNP 32% for 21 participating IEA nations.
If you want to wreck the US economy keep filling half your tank with foreign oil.
I bought a leaf to be our primary vehicle, so for filling half my tank with foreign oil....

I project we are going to go from putting gas in our cars 3 or 4 times per month to less than once a month. Maybe even once every 2 months.
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