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3 cyl metro re-build

I have a 1996 metro 3 cy. g-10 needs ex. valves. Also a junk 1991 metro g-10ex. valves out of it too. I want to build a high gas mileage motor, not tons of money in it. What piston rings ?, Hydrogen, does it work I have some experience with it. I have owened a lot of small cars,,,This thing seems solid and drives OK. Thanks for all help!!!

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Johnny Mullet will chime in with parts information, for sure. He seems to be the source on these cars/engines.

Regarding Hydrogen, sure, it will burn, but you'd probably want to find a better way to make it work than an on-car generator. The general consensus seems to be that it just doesn't work that way, and the math seems to support that conclusion. Hydrogen as a fuel will work, but "HHO" or "Brown's Gas" on-car generators require more fuel than they produce, so the net effect is negative, or none at all.

You could look into "Singh Grooves", there are lots of interesting threads on the 'net about them, and the theory, at least, is seemingly sound. Plus, the "inventor" has no financial agenda, and shows the results without trying to sell you something, which lessens the chance that he'd be lying about his gains, although it's still possible that the whole thing is a fallacy.

I have yet to see any quantitative testing done on it, but when I go pick up Samus, if I have to rebuild her engine, I'll probably do it.

This also should probably be moved to here, I think.
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I will help JM out right quick.

Have you done a compression test? If the valves are bad, the piston/rings probably need to be replaced too. If you think they are good, do a leakdown test. Remove the head and pour a little gas on top of each piston and watch and see if it leaks down into the crankcase.

As for replacement parts, partsdinosaur and 3tech performance have what your local NAPA doesn't. You will want to get SS exhaust valves, a new timing belt, and the regular maintenance things for this rebuild. Since you have a 1996, when you go to put the "oil pan gasket" on you need to be careful. Only put on RTV instead of the gasket. You will also want to rent/borrow/buy a 3" ball/berry hone. There is pretty much an entire rebuild (or 12) threads over at GeoMetroForum.com

For high mileage you will want the following things. [no order]
3tech 10* advance gear
3tech economy cam
XFi transmission

I'm sure I missed something.
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Looking to rebuild a 1.0L engine? Sweet! Exhaust valves burning are a common problem with these cars. Most mechanics consider them "Disposable" and off they go! Well, these cars are so easy to rebuild! First off, remove the head and either send it off to a machine shop or rebuild it yourself.............

1.0L Head Repair Guide
Detailed 1.0L head rebuild guide

Burnt valves are a common problem.............

Stainless steel exhaust valves will last forever and are cheaper than crappy valves if you get them from 3Tech Performance. So either you rebuild the head or have the rebuilder use the stainless valves.

If the car has over 100,000 miles on it, you may want to consider rebuilding the bottom end...........

Bottom End Rebuild Guide

It's only a few hours extra work and well worth the trouble. You can also check the bottom end first if you don't want to rebuild it by pouring solvent or gas down the cylinders with the head off and check for leakdown............

More detail here...........
Mrs. Mullet's Extreme Metro Makeover

Boring out the cylinders will not gain you any MPG and will not be needed unless there is cylinder wall damage or other major issues. After rebuilding the engine, if you have a 1996 model, I suggest using at least a 10 degree timing gear from 3Tech for better power and economy. If you do not drive the interstate and do a lot of city driving, I suggest also getting the economy grind camshaft from 3Tech.

If you drive highway speeds, then you need just the 10 degree cam gear and consider a trans upgrade. A manual trans from a 1.3L Metro has a higher gear ratio and will net better highway MPG's. Aeromods will also increase highway fuel economy.

Good luck with your project!


GeoMetroforum.com - got mpg?
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