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View Poll Results: AMERICANS: Would you buy a 125cc motorcycle for the street?
Yes! 37 41.57%
Hell no! 22 24.72%
Yes, but only at the right price. 30 33.71%
Voters: 89. You may not vote on this poll

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AMERICANS: Would you buy a 125cc motorcycle for the street?

Just trying to see where we stand here, and if there is actually any market interest for 125cc bikes in Merica’, or if I’m the only crazy person. I love tiny engined motorcycles, they allow you to hoon the absolute crap out of them and not break laws. Even after stepping down from a VFR 800 to a CBR 250(admittedly a four cylinder ), I still find myself wanting a bike I can hoon more. A well executed launch with the 250(read: 10,000 rpm) can get it to 60 mph in about 5.5 seconds. That is not much time to ENJOY the acceleration. And that’s 60 mph, most roads around me are 45 mph speed limits, and I don’t feel comfortable doing 15 over. Then after accelerating, I find that it’s just got way more engine than I need even though it’s only a 250cc! I want a 125cc!

So now here is the problem, I want 5+ gears, fuel injection, and LIQUID COOLING. The Honda grom comes close, but it’s only got 4 gears and is air cooled. There is an aftermarket 5 speed transmission for a not unreasonable $500, but the bike is still air cooled, a deal breaker. But wait, the exact kind of bike actually exists, and is still being made and sold, just not here in America.

I am currently drooling over two 125cc bikes at the moment, the 2008+ Honda CBR 125R, and the 2007+ Honda XL125 Veradero. The CBR is just a plain LIQUID COOLED fuel injected 125cc single with 6 gears. The veradero on the other hand also features liquid cooling and fuel injection, but this baby is rocking a 125cc V-TWIN capable of 12,000 RPM! Adding to the cool factor it has air cooled looking cylinders. It is only a 5 speed, and would require ridiculous regearing to make me happy with cruising rpms(sprockets are available), but it’s still awesome. Really I would want the Veradero’s engine in the CBR, it could be a VTR 125.

The problem lies with production costs, and therefore pricing. People automatically relate engine size to price, not justifying these tiny engined bikes. However, you should consider an element of fun factor as well, if a bike would let you have more fun, wouldn’t you be willing to pay more for it? Another thing, these bikes are capable of doing 75 mph, which makes all those “are 250s able to go on highways?” videos kind of silly.

Realistically, I could see the CBR 125 priced at $4,500, and the XL125 priced at $5,500.

So let’s hear it Americans, is this a hopeless pipe dream and am I doomed to wait 14 YEARS until I can import one of these bad boys, or are you going to make me happy?

-Kaze o tatakaimasen-

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I'd take a Honda trail 125 anyday, for the trail of course.
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I've had a ton of fun on what I think was a 125 dual sport. That said, I don't see the point of it. My CBR600 gets between 40-70 MPG depending on how I ride it. If the thing had taller gearing, it could get even better. A used one can probably be had for $2k.

Sure, I'd ride a 125 and probably like it just fine. But if my 600 and a 125 were magically sitting in my garage, I don't think the 125 would get much time. Heck, your VFR 800 would probably get more time than my 600.

So no, I wouldn't buy a 125, but I think one should exist. It's a hard sell in the US where fuel is cheap and pockets are deep. Motorcycles in the US are a luxury, not affordable transportation like many other places.
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I am intrigued by that Royal Enfield Himalayan for $4500. I also like the Yamaha TW200 for the same $4500. I know the TW200 holds it's value well and is really reliable and simple. The Himalayan seems to have a lot more for the price but is untested.
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My first bike was a 1966 Suzuki 120. Of course, in 1965, I weighed 185 lbs.
Today, I would want a 650 or larger.
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Hmm...I don't see either listed on Honda Canada's website...don't pay attention, but I know there are used CBR 125's kicking around. Were they not available in the US?
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If you live in a very large city like I do then the smaller cc bikes are much nicer.

I get to my destination much faster in my 200cc chinese motocross looking bike than my 1200cc bmw. You can just filter through traffic much easier.

My friend has a 750cc honda and a 125cc honda scooter. (He is a lawyer and has to wear a suit). He says he enjoys the 750cc more BUT the scooter is more convenient. His shoes and pants get a lot less dirty with the scooter and he has a ton of luggage space.

I wish i also has a scooter

Ps: i live in istanbul where there is an excess of people that are not really mentally or culturally fit to be on the road.
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I own a 1974 125cc enduro that is street legal,
Does that count?
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I would own one and ride it around town, probably take it around the country roads as well. I wouldn't be willing to put out much money for it though.
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I could see riding a small displacement bike on my commute if it got some spectacular mileage, but I prefer safety... a bike that canít out accelerate a compact car seems unsafe to me... on the local roads, careful planning has kept me out of danger but I can imagine certain times that strong acceleration can avoid an accident(I have missed a couple deer like this)...
On the freeway I feel safer in my supercharged Redline than in my base model Ion...

My current Ecotec project...

My last Ecotec project...
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