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Any slick 50 fans here?n

I I think I have had some good experience with it in the past. I bought a 1992 Dodge Dakota 4 cylinder pickup, and use it on the job for Courier work averaging about 350 Miles a day 5 days a week. In about 3 years, I had put $392,000 miles on it, and it ran just as new, with the original clutch still fine. I changed the oil religiously every 3,000 miles, and I use slick 50 the whole time. I'm pretty sure it gave me another three to four miles per gallon, but wonder what other people's experiences might be? During the warmer time of the year I could get up to 37 miles per gallon which is way above the manufacture rating. After many years, I am considering slick 50 again. Reading online, some people are saying that it blocks passages in the engine and leaves walls blocking oil from lubricating basically defeating the whole purpose. I never experienced any such thing. But the real point of my posting today, is that I think I'm considering putting it in my diesel Suburban 1985 vintage 6.2. I've got the slick 50 in my possession right now, I am literally in the middle of an oil change, so I need to hear your stories yay or nay right away as by Wednesday mid-morning I have to have the oil change done before a trip. It doesn't say anything on the box that it is compatible with a diesel engine it only talks about gasoline engines. I didn't find out much information on a truck forum other than some negativity about it?

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Personally I'm very skeptical of off-the-shelf additives and favor stuff that's actually been tested, like engine oil. Modern oils are quite different than oils 20 years ago. You could say modern engine oil has "modern Slick 50" built into it. Every time a new oil generation comes out, it has to go through many strict mandated tests to prove it meets newer regulations, including ones that affect fuel mileage. I'd just use the newest Mobile 1 or something similar and call it a day.
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Agree with Izaac Zachary.

Project Farm is one of my favorite channels. They do a lot of objective tests.

^ His test is with 30 weight conventional oil, so not exactly a high bar. Slick 50 claimed it would greatly reduce engine temperature, and that an engine would run for a much longer time even if all of the oil was drained, because it sticks to the internal parts and remains effective as a lubricant.

He ran two engines, one with Slick 50 @ 20%, and one with just 30 weight as a control.


The engine with Slick 50 reduced cylinder head and crank case temperature slightly compared with a plain 30 weight oil. However, once the lubricant was removed, the Slick 50 treated engine seized waaaay sooner, at around 2 minutes vs 7 minutes for straight oil.

I wouldn't mind seeing a temperature test using something like a modern 0w30 full synthetic.

His commentary:

"Guys I used to use Slick 50. I really liked watching their commercials 25 years ago. I was sortof a believer. I spent a lot of money on Slick 50 trying to preserve my engines. Maybe I'm missing the point. Maybe this product can do something I don't realize, but quite frankly it gave up far before the engine with regular motor oil did, and that's very discouraging. Is there a product that's better than Slick 50, that's better than conventional oil, that truly can stick to engine parts and make make the engine last longer? If there is, please put it in the comments. I read your comments. Please don't feel this video is wasteful. I'm truly interested in learning if the claims manufacturers make are accurate so I try to run these tests as fairly as possible to see what kind of results we get."
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Well they got my money once.
I included it in an oil change. Ran it for 7,000-miles. I could not discern any difference in mpg. I have 375,000 miles on the car, and have documented every tank since purchased new.
Our high school auto shop instructor had admonished us to never add additives to an engine, or anything else.
I ran Red Line Racing Oil in the transaxle also, and it was a bust as well.

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