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Ulven - '02 VW Lupo 3L
90 day: 76.16 mpg (US)
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Hi frank this is from my introduction

I daily commute 56 miles to work and home again. About half is 15% city and 35% country road and the other half is freeway. The first half have about 8 turns and 6 roundabouts ( we love roundabouts in Denmark ) I drive 49 mph on the country roads and speed down to 31 when I'm with in city limit. My driving stile is that I hit almost full throttle until I'm a few mph above posted speed and then I easy the throttle until I hit the desired speed and I settle the throttle there. I try to anticipate an approach to turns and roundabout ideling in neutral gear for about 1/4 mile before the turn if traffic allows it and when I get close I break with the engine and last hit the breaks if needed. I try to pass turns and roundabout with as high speed as possible within safety of myself and other traffic as I don't have to use all the energy getting to posted speed afterwards.
On the freeway my speed is 68 mph. Half of the freeway only has 2 lanes so I have to over take trucks that are only allowed to drive 56 mph in Denmark. Speed in the outer lane usually 80 mph so I usually have to get to that speed in order to blend into the traffic. Also about 6 miles of the freeway is under construction going from 3 to 4 lanes and that makes traffic jams morning and afternoon doing rubberband driving as we call it.
Beside this I drive in my free time aswell on prity much the same roads
There is no mountains in Denmark just wery small hills that don't need breaking going down and if it's needed the lupo beaks excellent with the motor on hills

The car weighs 830kg so it's really light.. I sometime drive with about 100kg worth of tools and materials when I work as electrician for friends.
I Think i have done close to 50000 miles on the upgraded break discs and they have 50000 more in them

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Red Devil - '11 Honda Insight Elegance
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The mountains in Denmark are like those in Holland; very well hidden.
I used to live on the 18th floor of a highrise in the province of Zuid Holland (5 million inhabitants). I own 3 pinball machines and used to joke I got the highest scores of all Zuid Holland. Certainly not the best, just the highest

Also I believe David does not wear baseball caps backwards. I cannot see how a front wheel well cover on his Lupo would cause excessive brake heating.
2011 Honda Insight + HID, LEDs, tiny PV panel, extra brake pad return springs, neutral wheel alignment, 44/42 PSI (air), PHEV light (inop), tightened wheel nut.
lifetime FE over 0.17 Gmeter or 0.1 Mmile.

"In hindsight, I should have bet on the horse that won the race"
"In hindsight, I should have bet more on that horse"

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Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Denmark
Posts: 19

Ulven - '02 VW Lupo 3L
90 day: 76.16 mpg (US)
Thanks: 2
Thanked 7 Times in 5 Posts
A little update here.

My friend from the states is still awaiting some items that he needs to ship to me so I haven't gotten the cameras and screen for the side mirror yet.

And I need those before I start to cut the foam into shape and apply the glass fiber.

I cancel my order for the HID kit I ordered and got me a set of H4 led with high and low beam
Something like thise 50W H4 H L LED High Power Hiyg Car Headlight Kit 6000K 1800Lm | eBay

Ones installed I will go to my local car shop and have then aligned as good as possible

Here is a review of someone who has them installed
Cree LED H4 headlight bulbs (2000lm) - MX-5 Miata Forum
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aerohead (01-09-2014)
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Aerocivic - '92 Honda Civic CX
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AerocivicLB - '92 Honda Civic CX
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Camryglide - '20 Toyota Camry hybrid LE
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I've never had any problems with brakes overheating on the Aerocivic, even on my old commute into the North Carolina mountains. The road descending out of the mountains had a 900 foot drop, had sections steep enough to require dropping into 3rd gear to climb them and had a sharp turnoff halfway down where I had to slow from 65mph down to 10mph to make the turn. Then most of the rest of the descent was that 3rd gear steep grade requiring repeated braking to keep the speed down. Even when making this descent in 95F summer temps, I had no problems with brakes overheating.

And on the Aerocivic, I'm exhausting most of my radiator/engine compartment air out through the front wheel wells, which keeps snow/ice from building up on the rollers in the winter, but which also should aggravate any possible brake overheating problems that might exist in the summer, but so far I haven't seen any.

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aerohead (01-11-2014)
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee
Looks like a sure recipe to perish in a fireball of death.
I, for one, laughed out loud,thanks. Walbum -- Consider yourself welcomed.

Front skirts may be un-needed, BMW currently uses an external duct they call an Air Curtain™ as a substitute. That Ur-SAAB prototype has skirted front wheels but the wheelwells are huge gaping holes under the car. It's hard to go wrong with what the tuners call 'stance'.

You could always use fuses that are temp-sensitive or thermistors to trigger a warning light on the dashboard.

Edit: I looked at the thread on the Miata Forum about LED lights and I wasn't impressed with the low beam cutoff—at all. I've run Hella H-4 since the 80s and the cut-off is so sharp when the car bounces you can see the line move front-to-back on the road.

I've seen HID lights that have a cut-off as sharp, or sharper, but what really impressive is the uniform lighting with no hot-spots.

What I want to do is run projectors in the old VW bus headlights. I've got the fluted European glass that wants an unfluted bulb. Morimoto Minis with Angel lights. Should be syk-o-delic.

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