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Fuel Additive

Hello All,

Well I'm a guy that takes really good care of my car. I clean my engine inside and out.

About 2 months ago a friend of mine should me a product that would save me money on gas. I have been using it even since and I get an extra 100 -110km - Canadian per tank.

I love this new additive and the fact that you can not get it from any store so there is no added cost. I am not going to lie to anyone here, but I started to sell it and have run into people using Acetone. Now I can not believe that people would use this aggressive pollution agent.

I know that Ethanol is corrosive with Bactria mixed in it. We can not avoid Ethanol in our cars so why not use a product that also offsets in properties.

Well I gave it a try and it works and so I shared it with other people and friends and they love it.

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you should read this first
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Welcome to the site cleanperformance.

We would be happy to hear about your fuel additive. However, I think it only fair to warn you. We are quite critical of testing procedures and general statements about 'improved' fuel economy from any modification. Many additives are known to clean fuel systems and therefore do restore some lost efficiency. However, stopping the usage of these additives shows no losses in efficiency. Plus, there is always the placebo effect when doing any form of mod, and alternation of ones driving technique that you aren't even aware of. Add that to the fact that we here have never seen an additive (besides cleaning agents) that actually work and call us incredibly skeptical.

I highly suggest reading this thread if you want to toute your additive here. This is what will be required to prove to us your additive works.

Current project: A better alternator delete
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Great read...wow...didn't know that there were so many scientist on this site. Well I do like the product we are using and while this site is based on data that most will never understand I guess it's best to leave all fuel saving to car manufacturers and oil giants. I guess even the oil giants should not have make fuel additives, but that would have been like our past when lead was introduced to fuel to help increased octane levels. Except it started major health hazards. I am aware that fuel additives are made in labs and most past specific test in order for them to be in cars. If they do not pass they can not be used in cars. This is where the EPA and the Clean Air Act come into place.
Modifying your existing beater is just toxic since most will trade fuel saving and disregard the health risk.
Fuel additives were not just introduced based on saving fuel cost since they were around before fuel cost was an issue. They were there to clean and optimize your engine like they still do today. Why does the oil company NOT put them in their fuel. Simple..Why do that when fuel with water will tear your car engine apart. Why put it in the fuel when car manufactures work with oil companies to make sure that the gasoline engine does not go away to anytime soon. Oh also.. skepticism is not closed minded, its misinformed or building a story without proper facts.
The reality is that everyone is skeptic of what they do not understand just for the simple fact people in general do not like to believe others unless they are stating the fact. A fact based still only a lab can project.
It really puts you back when you think that we have so many gas stations, yet we say one is better then the next. Why was no one skeptic of the other gas stations when they popped up. Simple... even though there were scam artist around they could not scam fuel. Why because oil companies as greedy as they are would have you dealt with them accordingly. Free speech and technology changed a lot of that and the first additives came out on the shelves just because oil companies and labs had to test resins and compounds in order to fit in the Clear Air Act. So yes there are products that pop up all over and a lot of them work to do what they state they will do while others will not. In the times that we live in now, testing is the best thing to do, and the little bit of money that these products cost these days is a lot less then the harmful mods people do to their cars or harmful chemicals people put in their tanks.
If a company comes out and states that they can help clean the air one car at a time with a goal to be nominated for Green Movement. You can bet that every lab is looking for the next LEAD in fuel that will not kill us all.
Well I just ran into this site while on the net and I am not going to waste anyone's time or my own since the reality is that all the information on this site is not based on facts and recorded by the EPA. So it does not matter how many km or miles you drove since it's all based on driving conditions. So if you do not have a tester to test bumps in the road, tire pressure, engine wear, rotational force, wind resistance, under body disturbance, weight, dynamics of suspension, vehicle design and shape, injector optimization, dust on the compute components, condensation and dew points, air quality and a whole other factors no one on this site can test since every dynamic is different even from sun rise to sun fall.
Simply put what I thought this site was about was clearly my mistake.
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I can't believe I read all that. I need to wash my eyes out now and go outside.

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OMG that post was almost as long as the 12v fan on the dash post!
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Mmmm.... SnakeOil (TM) fuel additive...
The Fiat Dakota

The Karen-mobile

The Red Sled
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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
I can't believe I read all that. I need to wash my eyes out now and go outside.
I can't believe you did either....my eyes glazed over and moved on at the singular "so many scientist here".
I'm not coasting, I'm shifting slowly.
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this thread may need to be moved to the unicorn coral
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The guy slowing you down
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The major problem with alkyllead (mentioned in post 4 with the implication that this was not the way to properly treat gas) in fuel was that it had an unwanted and cumulative effect on higher CNS function.
I can't quite put my finger on why, but I worry that Mystery Product has a very similar liability.
cheers apo

My god - it's full of stars!!
-David Bowman

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