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Old 08-20-2022, 09:11 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Logic View Post
Ok; so where would you recommend I find Peer reviewed, published papers?
And how would one go about deciding on the trustworthiness of the people and institution who published the paper?
Also; who funded the research? As it seems to me that with a big enough grant anyone will say anything and people will believe it.

Then there's also the issue of:
one man's gobbeldygook being another man's 'simple and logical'
depending on intelligence and education.

For eg: It's simple for anyone to simply declare a paper gobbledegook without any argument as to why they deem it so...

There are also a number of reasons why the above may not have worked for everyone.
For example the shielding effect ferrous metals on magnetic fields.
ie: You arrange a magnetic field on a steel fuel pipe correctly, but said pipe shields the fuel within from it.

Don't get me wrong; I nave no idea if the paper has merit or not.
All I know is that there are a good number of similar papers and I find it difficult to imagine all these people to be lying for no particular reason.
Can you think of one?
It's not anyone has a sole distributorship on magnets.
Unfortunately I am not aware of any central authority on trustworthiness. To go about this, I would probably contact a university or research institution, and ask the advice of several senior researchers in the field to see if there is any consensus.

You're also right - money often buys science. And, that science may not even be wrong in the specifics, but can be deceptive in that it's an incomplete picture, or simply in the amount of focus in one area, compared with a relative lack in another.


The honest truth about the basis of my views comes from my fairly strong general science background, and my observation that magnets are one of the areas where scammers and con artists most often prey upon people, using scientific language to describe pseudoscientific concepts. Electromagnetism is not something easily intuited, so it's difficult to apply the sniff test effectively. I don't completely dismiss magnetism's potential usefulness, but given the overwhelming amount of BS I've encountered, and the sheer amount of money that has been conned away, there needs to be pretty strong evidence in favor - such as a single example of a working device.

So far, there has yet to be a single device that works, in practice, in any measurable way, despite a century or so of such products being sold. Perhaps one day there will be, but I'm inclined to believe it's largely out of the reach of backyard tinkerers.

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Originally Posted by Logic View Post
Hmmm... ok..?

I'm heading out of my depth here, so perhaps you can help me critique this paper:

Some quotes:
"...Magnetic fuel treatment works on the principle of magnetic field interaction with hydrocarbon molecules of fuel and oxygen molecules. Liquid fuel is a mixture of organic chemical compounds consisted predominantly of carbon and hydrogen atoms - hydrocarbons. Due to various physical attraction forces, they form densely packed structures called pseudo compounds which can further organize into clusters or associations [8]. These structures are relatively stable and during air/fuel mixing process, oxygen atoms cannot penetrate into their interior. The access of appropriate quantities of oxygen to the interior of these molecular groups (associations) is thus hindered. This result in the incomplete combustion of fuel in the interior of such associations and causes the formation of carbon particles and carbon monoxide as well as increased quantities of hydrocarbons emitted into the environment [9]. It is now well accepted that a hydrocarbon fuel can be polarized by exposure to external force such as magnetism. The effect of such magnetism is the production of a moment created by the movement of the outer electrons of a hydrocarbon chain moving the electrons into states of higher principal quantum number. This state effectively breaks down the fixed valance electrons that partake in the bonding process of the fuel compounds. These states create the condition for freer association of fuel particulars. In so doing, the hydrocarbon fuel becomes directionalized or aligned which does not necessarily create new hydrocarbon chains but more explainable aligns the conduced magnetic moment into a dipole relationship within itself. This magnetic alignment then permits rapid bonding with the respective oxidizing media. The result of which is, of course, more complete and rapid burning of the hydrocarbon fuel [10, 11]. Hydrocarbon molecules treated with a high magnetic field tend to de-cluster forming smaller associates with higher specific surface for the reaction with oxygen leading to improved combustion. In accordance with van der waals discovery of a weak clustering force, there is a strong binding of hydrocarbons with oxygen in such magnetized fuel, which ensures optimal burning of the mixture in the engine chamber..."

"...fuel have been taken and exposed to a magnetic field with different intensities (2000, 4000.6000, 9000) Gauss without retention time within the system of magnetization..."

"...Because the molecular attraction energy of non polar hydrocarbon is determined by group vibrational frequency, so a conclusion can be easily reached that the higher the frequency the lower the absolute value of molecular attraction energy, or, the lower the group attraction energy. Thus, it can be deduced that the molecular attraction force among hydrocarbons decreases after they are magnetized. This is why the property indices of hydrocarbons, such as viscosity and surface tension which are influenced by the molecular attraction force, decline after the hydrocarbons flow through magnetic field..."

"...This means that the transition probability of electrons in the - bond conjugated system among different energy levels has become higher. Since the transition of the bond electrons from the ground level to the excited level is the main process of molecule radicalization. This may enhance the splitting of the C=C bonds in the aromatic rings in the course of combustion under intense actions of light and heat, and therefore the oxidation of the aromatic rings can be accelerated and easily completed thoroughly.."
1) Once the fuel passes the toroid's magnetic field ( of dubious Gauss magnitude ), it is no longer affected by the field ( inverse-square-law ). You can demonstrate the effect to yourself with a niobium rare earth magnet from Radio Shack, and a magnetic compass.
2) Whatever influence the field had had on molecular ionic/covalent bonding electrons in the outermost shell of the hydrogen / carbon atoms would disappear. There is no 'alignment.' There was hardly any to begin with.
3) There's no need to waste anymore human capital discussing the particulars of the ' process' ( sic ), as any 'process' would be null and void at this juncture. Saying anything in addition would just constitute a more sophisticated version of the same fallacy.

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