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Ultimate Fail
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How do you think environmentalist /ecomodders will be viewed by our grandchildren ?

I can just imagine a not so distant future, in which kids will wonder how that people had no moral guilt over letting their vehicles pump out poison gas while sitting still.
Ex. Eating lunch in a vehicle with the engine running.

Rather than being viewed as a quack, I'd like to think that the act of turning off the engine at a long stop light would be viewed as something commendable.

But, all to often it's the opposite, and I wouldn't doubt if gas guzzlers become collector cars because of their rarity, and gasoline vehicles become something desirable over an electric.

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You're assuming those kids will have morals beyond today's kids, not necessarily a good assumption. Since, people become accustomed to the environment(s) around them growing-up, it'll most likely follow the path of the proverbial "...cooked frog..." (ie: slowly cooked to death).
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The PRC.
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Define "Environmentalist".

EDIT - Actually don't bother, here we go again...
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To expect respect from the "establishment" of environmentalists, would be like expecting History to elevate to "godlike" stature the person who prevented a war.

Remember any?

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Humans in the near future will probably think it wasteful to let engines idle at stoplights, but not because of the pollution--it will be an economic decision.

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Can't speak for Generation Future but I don't think much of the so-called "Greatest Generation"; as a group, a bunch of exploiters who's main hobby was reproducing.

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Just like the current ones look at us as "tree hungers" "granola eaters" "tofu eaters" "vegetarians" etc etc. To the masses that's how we are viewed. The majority (here in the states) is too wrapped up in their own little world to really actually do anything energy saving like folks on this site for example. Out of the total world population, we are a small percentage. What energy we try to save is easily gobbled up by the majority.

Even various governments are trying to penalize us who drive high mpg cars or alternative powered vehicles by proposing more taxes as we "don't pay enough" based on their current tax per gallon formulas.

The only way we would be looked differently by the majority is if oil/gas goes sky high price wise. The only way to change their minds is by crushing them where it really hurts, in the wallet.
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As long as there is no mainstream easy alternative nothing much will change, and even when that becomes available (think electric cars with large capacity batteries) nobody cares about our savings.

In the old days before the sewer networks people dumped bucketloads of their daily produce in the street.
Maybe there were people making an effort to throw out smaller bucketloads, but that does not make it commendable. Less dirt is still dirty.
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Honestly, I don't hold out much hope for what would by my grandchildren's generation. Stuff is going in a lot of really negative ways, in terms of environment and economy both. It's one of the biggest reason my wife and I don't even want to consider having kids.
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Not a blip.
Who is the Ansel Adams, John Muir or Aldo Leopold of the Ecco-Modders?

Looking back at the antics of our grandparents - the decimation of many resources, some of which they might have had a hand in, we scarcely hold them individually in contempt for the lack of Buffalo or Carrier Pigeons, we just eat more Pork. Then those resources they past by, and left for us to conserve has no one's name or movement to its preservation for us.

If then there was an intent to be remembered for generations to come - things need to be named and passed on in attributed manner to future generations. Not idling at a stop could be called a "Scotty" or "Burn and Coast" called a "Hawkins" (or whatever). Otherwise ecco-modder actions will just become the social norm.

As for the wasters - and sorry I cannot find a link (so the song or lyrics) - Roy Zimmerman's "We are the Worst" comes to mind from his "Faucets of Fire" album.

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