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This went up 39 minutes ago.

Okay, I bailed at 1/2 hour. He's going on about principles vs experience. Territory R.B. Fuller covered in the 1940s. Possibly the 1920s. I'd have to look. I'm more curious about 3D Printing Auxetic Materials | Two Minute Papers #96


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I'm still attempting to watch that video. Fell asleep first attempt. He says a lot of words while containing little meat, but I'm still interested in the meat.

I had a feeling Peterson would peter out at some point, just didn't think it would be as soon. Perhaps for this reason, it doesn't particularly shock or sadden me. I'd prefer he make a recovery and continue thinking and speaking, but if he accomplished nothing else, he's done far more than most anyone else, and the truth statements he's made are on record to be tested against time. Something to be proud of.
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Patients insists when they are still in pain, or when they are already addicted. Doctors don't use to alert about riscs of develop addiction, and the patient will tend to trust the medicine prescribed or use more if still feel pain. Besides, medicine have this silly fashion of try to pass a image of advencement and trustability, rather than say the true and the weekness and limitation of medical science. People, patients are used with that, with the faith a medicine will hill or remove disconfort.
Doctors have a huge ego and horrible comunication. They try to show treatment as gret a a way to say they (doctors) are great. Admit the weakness of a treatment feel, for them, like admit a weakness of themselves.

Cocain, opium, heroin... All that started as precribed Drugs. Elvis, Michael Jackson, Marlying Monroe, Judy Garland...They start with drugs (no street drugs) to releive pain or disconfort, and not to get high.

With drug dealer we can say people are being treated more honestly, since who reaches a drug dealer knows he is a S.O.A.B (son of...) who just wants money and don't care if he is helping the addicted to die. But people don't reach a doctor thinking he is a S.O.A.B (despite a lot of them be such thing tnowadays).

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The other half of the coin is the patients. You can't just blame the dealers, because people create the demand. That's not to say that doctors are off the hook for prescribing pain meds, but patients will insist on it, and how do you measure pain anyhow? The pain scale is meaningless because a patient will say whatever will get them what they think they want.

They seak help on USA too. Or do you think they would try with Russia and only then try USA?
Come on...
Socialized or not it's a mess... a garbage... The question is why to pay a lot for a garbage?

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
Peterson is Canadian; he lives in Canada. They have socialized medicine, so apparently it's their socialized medicine that has failed him in this instance.

Do you know what I meant about nerves of steel???

Look : https://www.merriam-webster.com/dict...s%20of%20steel

I mean strong nerves to deal with angry people, hostile people. Jordan had strong nerves in many interviews, so much that he would look quite cold blood. In other interviews he loses some temper. Drugs to reduce ansiety make people more calm to deal with such situations. I think when he lost temper he wasn't in a lot of benzodiazepines, or the drug was loosing effet after some hours.
My bet is that he used the drug to look a strong guy, in emotion terms. Without it he is probably much more frail.

I would not be surprised if a lot of people who need to show strong emotion control and ability to stay calm in debates, made use of benzodiazepines.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I don't know anything about the drug. That said, most drugs (any?) don't enhance the ability of the person to think calmly and clearly and communicate effectively with others. Usually drugs do just the opposite. How he managed a highly demanding and successful speaking tour while on the drugs is amazing.

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