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Old 06-17-2008, 12:29 AM   #1 (permalink)
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Ronn Motor Company Scorpion uses HHO

Hello -

Here is an example of a boutique hydrogen generator car (too bad it's $150,000 ) :

Ronn Motors Scorpion Exotic Car Saves Gas Using Hydrogen - June 4th, 2008
With zero to 60 mph acceleration in under 4 seconds, the Ronn Scorpion fits well in the supercar class. But, it’s also a bit of a tea totaler when it comes to gasoline as it is rated at 40-plus mpg highway. Compare this to other supercars like Lamborghinis that get less than 10 mpg or perhaps a Prius that is in the mid-40’s.
Scorpion - Ronn Motor Company

Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI)
Produces hydrogen during vehicle operation through electrolysis of water using the power generated from the vehicles electrical system. A small amount of hydrogen added to the vehicles intake air/fuel mixture allows the engine to operate with less fossil fuel. Ronn Motor Company will use this technology in its revolutionary Scorpion to achieve lower emissions and vastly improved fuel economy.

There are two main kinds of Hydrogen Hybrid automobile. These are fuel cell vehicles and Hydrogen internal combustion engines, (HICE) like our first automobile "The Scorpion". Fuel cell vehicles are electric cars. Hydrogen is pumped into a tank in the car, just as gasoline. The hydrogen gas is then fed into the fuel cell where it is electrochemically converted into electricity--with no combustion, no moving parts and no emissions other than water vapor. The electricity is used to power the vehicle.

Hydrogen ICE vehicles use a regular combustion engine modified to use gaseous hydrogen instead of liquid gasoline (much like a natural gas vehicle is modified). They burn hydrogen or a combination of gasoline and hydrogen, but since there is no carbon in hydrogen, there are no or almost no CO2 emissions and only trace amounts of NOx (oxides of nitrogen). Hydrogen ICE vehicles are typically about 30-50% more efficient than comparable gasoline vehicles.


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Why does everyone use the term HHO? People don't refer to CO2 as COO or glucose (C6H12O6) CCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOO...

I wonder where the benefit of hydrogen is actually coming into play. My assumption is that it is increasing the octane of the fuel, allowing a higher CR. Either that or their heads are floating in the clouds.

I think it looks like it's going to rain...

- LostCause
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My guess is 'cause if you say you are powering your car with water - everyone will look at you like you have a 3rd eyeball.

(my appologies to those fellow ecomodders who ACTUALLY have a 3rd eyeball - i mean no offence)

Calling it HHO makes it sound more scientific ( that is why the world made Acronyms anyway)

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They call it HHO because its water broken apart into the individual elements. Kinda makes sense, kinda sounds stupid. You make the call.

The hydrogen increases the flame speed which allows you to retard your ignition timing. This decreases the amount of time that the piston has to fight against building cylinder pressure on the compression stroke. It also increases cylinder pressure while the piston is still nearer to TDC on the ignition stroke. So, basically its more power right when you need it instead of slow building power.
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Sorry, the whole thing still sounds like Oscar Mayer to me.

...no, wait - that's baloney. My bad.

They ARE aware of the inefficiencies behind hydrogen production, right?

Lead or follow. Either is fine.
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HHO = A gas mix... 2 parts hydrogen and one part oxygen by volume

H20 - water

These devices are just portable electrolysis cells.. that do not separate the gas during production. Most scientific grade cells have the plates separate and can separate the gases.

HHO cells usually have the cells closer to improve production at lower voltages/amps... that makes the separation impossible...

Ether way.. with the way the gas is used.. it helps to make a complete burn of the petrol.

I am currently working on a 25 plate monster myself... every review of the HHO devices I have seen have yielded positive results...

Check this one out... this is my local station that tested one. There is a video on the right side.


Mine will dwarf this one in production (a coworker has purchased one and we tested output)
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Old 06-18-2009, 10:12 PM   #7 (permalink)
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When when when

HHO has been around for a while now and I havent seen many posts about how great it works, consistantly. Some companies selling product get you using HHO until the car realizes the mix has to change and the mileage goes back to the ussual BS. Another gimmick must be purchased to trick the O2 sensor for a couple weeks and then you have to.... When will this HHO make sence to me. I'm getting tired of making grease in my rat infested garge. Bought diesel twice this year, thats the good part. 150 mile per gallon diesel but no airbags and the 84car is do for another breakdown soon.
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Old 06-18-2009, 10:42 PM   #8 (permalink)
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I wonder if you can add HHO to a diesel the same way you'd add propane for a small power boost?
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1999 Saturn SW2 - '99 Saturn SW2 Wagon
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90 day: 40.49 mpg (US)
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Christ -

Originally Posted by Christ View Post
I wonder if you can add HHO to a diesel the same way you'd add propane for a small power boost?
From what I have gleaned, in theeeeeeeee-ory, diesel "goes lean" by design, so it is better able to take advantage of HHO without all the supplementary gimmicks like the EFIE and the Map sensor trick.


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Propane injection in diesels reduces diesel fuel consumption, but then again you're using an other fuel, propane, so there's no magic there. There might be a tiny advantage, since the fuel burns faster, the combustion is completed closer to TDC, but it's not worth the hassle to set a controlled system up. Propane injection is mostly used to make additional power, and when you're running with the pedal to the metal, such an injection system does not need many controls, but a single solenoid valve.


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