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Old 05-07-2008, 12:16 PM   #51 (permalink)
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Working in aftermarket I get to see all these products and test them ... most of the equipment being put out at current has very impressive night time capabilities including auto dim for headlights.

Besides, this would be done to circumvent the law, not necessarily replace the mirror.

After towing boats for so many years I don't even use mirrors anymore, I've grown accustomed to head checks and therefore one I shave my mirrors off, a replacement 5 panel golf cart mirror inside will suffice ...

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side view mirrors

I've been pulling everything I have together from actual tests done for interference drag.And the mirrors can't be discounted as they can effect a large area downstream.The good news for modern cars is that modern carmakers are the beneficiaries of all the aero research thats been done over the past decades.Streamlining,frontal area reduction,and moving the mirrors more outboard or away from regions of accelerated flow,have all helped to reduce their drag contribution.I'll keep compiling info although I don't know if I have any revelatory data.Will post it as I can.
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This looks like it might be a good product and a good setup, even for night time:
Tri-View, 7" TFT LCD Monitor, IR Rear Camera, IR Side "Body" Cameras

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Bearleener -

Originally Posted by Bearleener View Post
Good point on the night vision of cameras.

Someone mentioned flow spreaders. Some BMWs seemed to have these in the form of longitudinal ridges on the top surface of the mirror housing. They seem to have gotten away from those recently, though.

I'm leery of deleting even the passenger-side mirror; it's saved my butt on several occasions.

This might be a good compromise (but already sold, ) :


I knew about these previously, but my original assumption was that they were in the $100 range. These el-cheapo ones are only $20 a pair. You would have to adapt the triangular base to your car.

Google google google ... Ok, that price may have been a bargain close-out. Here is a site that has higher prices but more selection :

Side Mirrors - JDM CTR, Spoon Style TYC, M3, ZERO-4, F1, Black, & Carbon Fiber Look

Looks like the $60+ price range.

EDIT : It looks like they may have mirrors for your Golf Wagon. You may not need to modify the base. Just bolt it on.


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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
While on the side-view mirror topic, we all know how to set them, right? No, probably not.

ehhhh I've had my two side mirrors pointed OUT for some years now.
Makes it easier to glimpse into the blind spot.
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What blind spot? I've done it forever as well.
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Me too

I wonder what the Cd difference is between the different types of mirrors there.
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Side note to WA state residents:

RCW 46.37.400 states:

“(1) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a mirror mounted on the left side of the vehicle and so located to reflect to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of such vehicle. (2) Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with an additional mirror mounted either inside the vehicle approximately in the center or outside the vehicle on the right side and so located as to reflect to the driver a view of the highway for a distance of at least two hundred feet to the rear of such vehicle.”

So as long as you have a mirror on the drivers side that can see behind you 200 ft, and a regular rear view mirror, you are legal. I'm planning on getting one of those wide angle rear views and putting a convex side view on the interior left and right side.
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Old 05-28-2008, 02:04 PM   #59 (permalink)
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Skeeter - '05 Toyota Corolla LE
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Just an update to this, I misread the NJ state law.

Tile 39:3-71. Mirrors
Every motor vehicle shall have rear view mirrors so located and angled as to give the driver adequate rear view vision. Every passenger automobile manufactured after January 1, 1965 and registered in this State, shall be equipped with an interior mirror and an exterior mirror on the driver's side. On and after January 1, 1965, every commercial motor vehicle registered in this State, other than a trailer or semitrailer, shall be equipped with an interior mirror and an exterior mirror on the driver's side, except that every such vehicle so constructed or loaded as to obstruct or obscure a rear view from an interior mirror shall, in lieu of an interior mirror, be equipped with an exterior mirror on the side of the vehicle opposite the driver's side. The director may by regulation establish other mirror requirements for special or unusual types of vehicles. Any person operating a motor vehicle without the equipment prescribed by this section shall, on conviction, be fined as provided in Revised Statutes 39:3-79.

Amended by L.1964, c. 119, s. 1.
Apparently I can do without a passenger side mirror no problem (which may be handy considering a delivery truck at work knocked it off 2 weeks ago)
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There seems to be a huge variety of backup cameras -- including color night vision. It be really great to swap a pair of these onto the side mirror mounts -- and one can figure how they could make use of the adjustment mechanism for the mirror! I think 7" (diagonal) color screens would be pretty ideal...

Who's going to be the first to try this?

Sincerely, Neil

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