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Old 01-11-2019, 09:16 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
Maybe, but I have never blown the lubricated part of an engine in any car or truck I have ever had. Even at over 300,000 miles on some of them. Every other part of the drivetrain will fail 3 times or more before you get to that point of worrying about rings and bearings. I did have a flat lobe on a camshaft once at 175,000 miles but it was a known metallurgy issue with a small window of cams manufactured that year.
I agree the garage is best and you don't even have to full on heat it. I have a furnace in the garage but only use it I'd I'm working in there. Most days the process of parking the fully warmed up car in there and closing it up keeps the temperature inside above freezing even when the lows get down in the teens and that's just one car in a detached 24x36 space.
But you’re speaking of empty vehicles when it comes to longevity, aren’t you? Driver-only. Not a vehicle expected to do any work. In which case cylinder pressure is still key.

Extended idling isn’t ever recommended for that reason. One cylinder starts to go south and it quickly drags the others with it. THAT I have seen plenty of times. Vehicle relegated to grocery-getting (needs to be dumped, IOW). Useful service life was diminished by poor operating habits. It’s no longer A FAMILY CAR.

Average annual MPH is still the bellwether


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The #1 reason most anyone me included needs a car is to get to and from employment. Now I chose something that can also serve me in other needs and wants. I wish I could have a tool chest of cars and trucks perfectly matched to every task but instead I have a compromise. I'm not talking extended idling, to me that is measured in hours not minutes, maybe 10 mins tops. After 40 years of vehicle ownership and no failures if something hits me in the future on those lines I'd be more likely to blame a poor design at this point. Maybe it would be wrong on my part. I've also come to the point of appreciating the simple and reliable engineering. I'll take something that can be rode hard and put away wet that still lasts 30 years over something that goes faster, hauls more, or gets better MPG but has to me handled with white gloves.
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